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News from EVE Vegas: Trailer, SKINs, Store, and more

2016-10-29 - 发布者 CCP Phantom

With the exciting, three-day-long player gathering EVE Vegas 2016 now in full swing, we see some amazing news. Let's have a look what the first day revealed, and don't forget to watch the live broadcast!

We are thrilled to present our latest EVE Online trailer showing the incredible player driven world of New Eden described by real players.

Completely new ship SKINs, based on revolutionary pattern technology, are on their way to New Eden. This technology brings stunningly beautiful ship decorations, keeping a consistent theme even across whole fleets of different ship hulls.

The SKIN for the popular Confessor will become available with the huge EVE Online: Ascension expansion on November 15. More SKINs will follow, such as the beautiful blue-red themed SKIN shown below.

While we are on the topic of SKINs: with Ascension we will get a massive drop of SKIN prices in the New Eden Store with drastically lower prices. Some representative examples of what to expect:

Astero Sanctuary for 400 AUR (~75% down from 1540)
Hulk ORE development for 250 AUR (~90% down from 2390)
Revelation EoM for 400 AUR (~90% down from 3445)

We also learned about rewards for knowledge transfer from veterans to new players. The recruit program will be improved for Ascension. While we will keep the rewards for veterans, new players will receive a bonus of 250.000 free skillpoints. This bonus is going to replace the current bonus (extension of trial time). Following the Ascension expansion, the recruit program will be opened up for player corporations. Corporations specialized on helping new players will be able to get rewards too! 

Many more topics were discussed and news revealed, such as:

Don't miss any of this exciting news, by following the EVE Vegas live broadcast (the broadcast begins 17:00 UTC on October 29 and 30)! If you follow the live broadcast, you can even win sweet prizes such as PLEX or even a GTX 1080 and 1070 graphics card.

As a bonus, we present the incredible Permaband and their latest hit Warp to the Dance Floor: