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PLEX and Omega price changes

2022-04-22 - 发布者 EVE Online Team

Respected Capsuleers,

Since EVE Online’s original launch back in 2003, together EVE’s developers and community have led the charge in evolving what sandbox MMOs can be. The past 19 years have seen amazing events that have brought us closer together, delivered vast expansions and game-changing feature enhancements, seen careful rebalancing to bring the best quality of experience, and welcomed technological updates that keep New Eden on the cutting edge – all in service of maintaining EVE’s status as the world’s best MMO.

The tradition of continuous improvements to EVE is set to continue, on The Road to Fanfest and beyond, with plans to make New Eden and its community mightier than ever as EVE moves closer to its third decade, adding even more value to your Omega subscription.

To continue investing in EVE Online’s evolution and growth, and to realize our mission of EVE Forever, we are updating the price of all existing Omega and PLEX. This adjustment reflects global trends impacting general production costs and accounts for years of inflation, amending the 1-month USD subscription rate for the first time since 2004. These adjustments will have an impact on other currencies.

Starting 17 May, the new prices will be as follows:


New Omega tiers at 2 months and 24 months will be introduced.

Omega SubscriptionMonthly CostNew Cost (Total)
1 month$19.99 USD$19.99 USD
2 months$17.99 USD$35.98 USD
3 months$15.99 USD$47.98 USD
6 months$14.49 USD$86.95 USD
12 months$12.49 USD$149.90 USD
24 months$11.29 USD$270.99 USD


The PLEX Tiers have been entirely restructured, offering several more options from 50 PLEX to 20,000 PLEX:

PLEX PacksNew Cost (Total)
50 PLEX$2.49 USD
100 PLEX$4.99 USD
250 PLEX$12.49 USD
500 PLEX$24.99 USD
1,000 PLEX$44.99 USD
1,500 PLEX$64.99 USD
3,000 PLEX$124.99 USD
6,000 PLEX$239.99 USD
12,000 PLEX$419.99 USD
20,000 PLEX$649.99 USD

The new prices on Omega include all upcoming content releases for the game and have been structured to offer substantial savings when you purchase larger amounts of PLEX and Omega time. Players benefit from even bigger monthly savings between lower and upper Omega time tiers, and more PLEX options to choose from, right down to the economical 50 PLEX offering.

We’re committed to bringing you the absolute best version of EVE, and a compelling future for New Eden. We can’t wait to meet up with you in person and discuss this in detail at Fanfest in just a few weeks.

To discuss these changes, head on over to the EVE Online Forums where we'd love to hear from you.

Until then, Fly Safe, Capsuleers!