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The Almighty Corporation

2007-05-07 - 发布者 CCP Atlas

This is going to be a short blog. I'd just like to let you guys know what we're doing with corporation improvements for Revelations 2.0...

Wallet Divisions

This is the big one and it's already in on the test server (more or less, the UI is a bit understated atm).

We will have one master wallet and 6 named wallet divisions (7 in all). All the divisions will have access restrictions similar to hangars but there will be no view / take differentiation. You will just have 'access'.

The master wallet will be the division which pays the bills and gets the taxes and rents. The other divisions can be used for the market, contracts, insurance and S&I (and of course for direct withdrawal).

Accountants will be able to see at a glance the status of each division and can view the journal for each one.

Each member can have access to 0 or more divisions but he can only have one active division at any one time. Therefore you will not have to choose a division when you're making market orders, the system will simply always use the same one until you change it through your wallet interface so this is mostly meant to distribute funds to corporation members in a controlled way, rather than a way to partition your corporation wallet according to usage.

Please go and play around with this feature on Singularity. Feedback is always appreciated.

New starbase role: "Caretaker"

We're adding a new role to allow corporations to allow minimum access to POS'es so that fuel runners (mostly Minmatar slaves) won't have the key to house so-to-speak. Each POS can be configured for the new "Caretaker" role but new POS'es will by default allow this role to view and put stuff into structures.

This will be a pretty nice addition and will allow POS owners to sleep a little bit better at night we hope.

Corporation to Alliance standings

Your corporation will be able to set standings to entire alliances now. This is a much requested feature and we're glad we're getting it in.

Because of this now might have any or all of the following standings to another character:

  • Character to Character
  • Corporation to Corporation
  • Character to Corporation
  • Alliance to Alliance
  • Alliance to Corporation
  • Corporation to Alliance

As before, the highest standing applies to standings icons in the overview, chat, outpost access and starbase aggression settings (except if standing is 0 in which case it's not used).

Corporation Transaction Log & More

We're doing pretty cool things with the transaction log based on player feedback. For one, the personal transaction tab will be mirrored for the corporation wallet, so accountants and traders will have much better information about marketing transactions in the corporation.

Secondly we're adding some filtering options for the transaction log so you should be able to see at a glance for example who has been buying "Antimatter M" ammo from you or your corporation. We'll have options in there to filter by character, item type, quantity, price etc.

And yes, we're removing the annoying autoload feature from the transaction tab! ;-)

We'll also be adding a few "show info's" and "view market details" context menu entries where their sorely needed for all our traders as a part of across-the-board UI work.

Export manager

We'll be putting in an export manager on the MYEVE website accessible by Corporation Directors most likely. This will allow you to download a text file with all sorts of important information needed to better manage a corporation. The details have not been completely worked out yet but this will be a tool that will undergo rapid development since it's based out-of-game and is something I'm really excited about.

Remote Asset Management

We will be adding more tools for managing your corporation resources remotely. There are a few things that we'd like to do here.

At the top of the list is item search which is sorely missing. We will allow searching by item type, group (afterburner, shield hardener) and category (ship, blueprint) as well as the ability to specify quantity.

The new Deliver-To feature should also be available remotely, allowing corporation managers to place items directly into members hangars and to shuffle items in corporation hangars.

We should also have remote split'n'stack available which is always nice to have.


You will finally be able to see who owns shares in your corporation! After Rev 2 we will put some work into the whole shares system but this is certainly a change in the right direction.

Simplified join and cleanup

We are simplifying the Corp join procedure a lot so a double PhD will no longer be required to understand how it works. The corporation interface will also be cleaned up quite a bit with redundant info being removed and "tab-confusion" streamlined. We expect that work to continue on post-Rev 2.

Corporation "employment" history

The alliance history of corporations will be made public in Rev 2 (starting from the date of Rev 2 deployment, mind you), and it can be viewed by anyone the same as for character employment history.

Parting Words

That's it from me for now. I urge everyone to take a look at the test server every now and then. Things are coming in pretty fast these days.

And remember, this is not the end of corporation improvements; this is just the beginning. Or in the immortal words of Stephen Wright: "There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot."