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Viridian: Expansion Notes

2023-06-09 - 发布者 EVE Online Team


The following page will list patch notes for feature updates & changes in the Viridian Expansion - 11:00 UTC 13 June. We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on the EVE Online Discord and the EVE Online Forums

Expansion Notes 21.05 - EVE Online: Viridian

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Corporation Projects

In this expansion we are targeting the corporations and their abilities to better manage themselves and to better express their identity. 

We are adding a new tool to empower corporation leaders to be able to give directions to their members where individual contributions can be tracked as the corporations works towards their collective goals.

The projects and their progress are visible to every member of the corporation and the progress for each of the goals are updated automatically when it progresses for most tasks or manually for custom projects which are called Manual projects.

  • The following projects are available: 

    • Manual - A free form type project that is an empty canvas; it is flexible and can be used for any purpose, with the caveat that the tracking of progress is manual. 

    • Deliver Item - Members can be mobilized to deliver items to the corporation, for the purpose of anything from buyback programs to the corporation acquiring materials for large manufacturing jobs. 

    • Destroy Non-Capsuleers - Contributions to this type of project are made by destroying Non-Capsuleers, optionally in a specific solar system. 

    • Damage Capsuleers - In a PVP fight, a member can contribute to this project by dealing damage to another player; thus being recognized and rewarded for their effort without having to strike the final blow. 

    • Mine Ore - A project that can be used to incentivize mining in a specific solar system to for example raise its Industrial Index. 

  • Corporation CEO’s and Directors have access to the Project Creation Tool which they can use to create up to 100 active projects. They also have access to a special tab for each project that displays each member's individual progress towards the goal of an active project and how much they contributed when the project is completed.

  • Corporations with an office in either a Station or an Upwell Structure will have a new hangar called Projects. This hangar can have items dropped into it that are required to progress the Deliver Items project. Unlike other corporation hangars, this one does not have configurable access and is only accessible to either the corporation’s CEO or Directors. Other members have drop access only. 

  • Projects can be linked in chat and other text fields by dragging and dropping. 

Air Opportunities 

This is a new interface which replaces the old Journal and is intended to be a counterpart to The Agency. Where The Agency is a catalog of content, Opportunities is the presentation of content available now and could be of interest to you. 

  • The Projects Tab and the AIR Opportunities window are inherently linked. Clicking a Project within the Projects tab brings a member to the Project’s entry in the AIR Opportunities window. 

  • For a corporation member simply looking for a Project to work on, the AIR Opportunities window will be their primary means of accessing Corp Projects. 

Corporation Loyalty Points

  • Corporation Taxes which previously were only contributed by members via NPC bounties will now also automatically levy Loyalty Point payouts at the same rates as set by the corporation. Loyalty Points are contributed for all Loyalty Point payouts such as those granted through Factional Warfare, Incursions or mission rewards. 

    • EverMarks are excluded from this as they are granted to corporations at a 1 to 1 ratio when a corporation’s member receives EverMarks by any means.

  • Corporations now have their own Loyalty Point wallet to account for
    their Loyalty Points. Loyalty Points can be spent in Loyalty Point
    stores by either the CEO or Directors and works in the same way as
    normal Loyalty Point Store purchases except the Loyalty Points and any
    required ISK are deducted from the Corporation Loyalty Point wallet or
    Corporation ISK Wallet respectively. Where an LP store purchase being
    made by a corporation requires the provision of an item in addition to
    an LP payment, that item must be located in the personal Item Hangar of
    the character making the transaction.

  • Loyalty Points in corporation Loyalty Point wallets can be donated to any other corporation. 

    • EverMarks are excluded from being traded between corporations.

SKINR - Super-Kerr Induced Nanocoating Resequencer

  • A new in game customization tool, the Super-Kerr Induced Nanocoating Resequencer allows CEO’s, Directors, and the newly created role of Brand Managers to create Nanocoating designs by applying Nanocoating's of their choosing to different areas of Upwell Structures. Nanocoating designs can then be applied to any of the Upwell Structure that the corporation owns in exchange for EverMarks for a limited duration. 

  • Once the purchase is complete, Nanocoating Designs are then applied to all selected structures for all capsuleers to enjoy, or not. 

  • The Brand Manager role has access to all corporation customization options, for now that is SKINR and the ability to spend EverMarks through those options. 

  • Starting in the week of the expansion there will be a new way to acquire EverMarks through the Daily Challenges which use a similar cyclical fashion of various activities you are used where those previously only rewarded Skill Points. This adds a more passive but less direct yielding way than Paragon Missions to acquire them.

Tax Reforms

We are making a series of changes to how some taxes are calculated to increase the value of corporation infrastructure as an income source. They will be in the following areas: 

  1. Broker’s fee in Upwell Structures. Instead of a percentage cut, a fixed rate will be taken by the SCC, providing more ISK for facility owners.

  2. Industry Job Installation Fee. Taxes will be applied directly on the estimated item value, allowing facility owners to have a meaningful income stream even in low indexed systems. 

  3. NPC Stations / Monuments: Manufacturing and Research factors removal. Leveling the field and encouraging industry spread across systems.

Broker’s Fee in Upwell Structures 
The goal of this change is to give more control, increase the value of income sources to corporations and to increase the competitiveness of facility owners with the market. 

  • There will no longer be a 50% cut taken from the total broker’s fee paid in structure facilities. Instead, this will be reduced to a fixed rate of 0.5%.

Example: if you were to make an order of a cost at 100,000 ISK in a structure, where the owner has set the broker’s fee at 10%, the following amounts would be going to the following wallets: 

Old Formula 

Percentage on order

Amount Paid 

Facility Owner Wallet 



Economic Circulation 

SCC Wallet 



Economic Sink 

New Formula 

Percentage on order

Amount Paid 

Facility Owner Wallet 



Economic Circulation 

SCC Wallet 



Economic Sink 

Industry Job Installation Fee 
Investing in industrial infrastructure is very expensive, this is felt especially by new corporations that are starting to make their mark on New Eden. Established groups have little incentive to grant access to their very costly infrastructure due to the income from such a bargain being mostly meaningless to them.

The goal of this change is to address both of those problems, to create options for newer corporations to access infrastructure without having to fork out for it fully and to give incentive to those that decide to do so. 

  • All taxes for industry jobs will be applied directly to the Estimated Item Value instead of the System Cost Index adjusted Estimated Item Value. 

This change means that facility owners in a low indexed system can set their taxes to a very low value but still gain a meaningful income while still staying competitive. 

  • Adjusted industry facility tax in NPC stations to 0.25% from 10%. 

  • Adjusted Alpha clone tax to 0.25% from 2%. 

  • Added a 0.25% tax that goes to the SCC. 

  • The maximum tax that can be set for industry services will be capped at 10%. 

  • You can now adjust your fees to 2 decimal places rather than being limited to 1. 

  • We will be setting all current Player Ownership Tax profiles to 0.25%. This will need to be adjusted by facility owners as they see fit.

This will vastly increase competitiveness for facility owners. Even with it set at 0.25% the fee will earn the facility owner substantially more ISK.

The Formula 
The general formula changes to: 

TIF = EIV * ((SCI * bonuses) + FacilityTax + SCC + AlphaClone) 


  • TIF: Total Installation Fee 

  • EIV: Estimated Item Value, the value upon which the fees are calculated 

  • SCI: System Cost Index 

  • Bonuses: Any bonuses that are applicable 

  • Facility Tax: Fixed tax for NPC stations set to 0.25% or tax rate set by facility owner.

  • SCC: SCC surcharge, this is a fixed value and cannot be affected by anything 

  • AlphaClone: Tax applicable to alpha clones, set at 0.25% 

The following tables represent the ISK flow in both Player Owned and NPC Facilities:

Player Owned:

Fee Equation Component




EIV * SCI * Bonuses



Economic Sink

EIV * Facility Tax


Set by player

Economic Circulation




Economic Sink

EIV * Alpha Clone



Economic Sink

NPC Owned

Fee Equation Component




EIV & SCI * Bonuses



Economic Sink

EIV * NPC Ownership Tax



Economic Sink




Economic Sink

EIV * Alpha Clone



Economic Sink

NPC Stations & Monuments 
System Index Cost modifiers have existed since the creation of the Industry index system, but they are difficult to understand and identify through in-game means. Every NPC station capable of industry reduces the System Cost Index by a percent, while Sov Null Security Outposts granted their system a large permanent reduction depending on their type.

This powerful bonus invisibly shaped player behavior, while largely remaining out of sight for those not familiar with the System Cost Index modifiers. Our goal with this change is to create more opportunities for aspiring industrialists.

  • Removed all System Index Cost modifiers. This includes removing the bonuses that extra stations provided to a system, and the Upwell Support facility bonuses which were present in Null Security systems that had an Outpost prior to being converted to a faction Fortizar in 2016.

Temporary Sales Tax Holiday 
The previously mentioned changes will have an impact where in the short term the installation cost to manufacture will be out of balance. To counter this impact, we are temporarily lowering the Sales Tax for all market transactions.

  • Reduced Sales Tax for all market transactions by 50% from 8% to 4%.

Lancer Dreadnoughts

We are introducing a brand-new Tech II Dreadnought class: The Lancer Dreadnought. These powerful behemoths are capable of firing the type exclusive Disruption Lances.

  • Lancer Dreadnoughts have been added to the default overview settings, those who are using a custom overview will have to add Lancer Dreadnaughts to their overview settings.


Amarr Dreadnought 

  • 5% to XL Torpedo, XL Cruise and Torpedo Damage 

  • 5% Reduction to XL Torpedo, XL Cruise and Torpedo Explosion Radius 

Lancer Dreadnought 

  • 10% Bonus to Disruptive Lance damage 

  • 20% Bonus to Disruptive Lance maximum range 

Role Bonus: 

  • Can fit a Siege Module 

  • Can fit a Disruption Lance 

  • 5.0x penalty to Entosis Link cycle time


Caldari Dreadnought: 

  • 5.0% bonus to Capital Hybrid Turret tracking speed 

  • 10.0% bonus to Capital Hybrid Turret Optimal Range 

Lancer Dreadnought: 

  • 10% bonus to Disruptive Lance damage 

  • 20% bonus to Disruptive Lance maximum range 

Role Bonus: 

  • Can fit a Siege Module 

  • Can fit a Disruption Lance 

  • 5.0x penalty to Entosis Link cycle time


Gallente Dreadnought: 

  • 5.0% bonus to Capital Hybrid Turret rate of fire 

  • 5.0% reduction in Armor Repairer Cycle Time 

  • 5.0% bonus to all hull resistances 

Lancer Dreadnought: 

  • 10% bonus to Disruptive Lance damage

  • 20% bonus to Disruption Lance maximum range 

Role Bonus: 

  • Can fit a Siege Module 

  • Can fit a Disruption Lance 

  • 5.0x penalty to Entosis Link cycle time


Minmatar Dreadnought: 

  • 10.0% bonus to Capital Projectile Turret falloff range 

  • 5.0% bonus to Shield Booster and Armor Repairer cycle time 

Lancer Dreadnought: 

  • 10% bonus to Disruptive Lance damage 

  • 20% bonus to Disruption Lance maximum range

Role Bonus: 

  • Can fit a Siege Module 

  • Can fit a Disruption Lance 

  • 5.0x penalty to Entosis Link cycle time 

Each Lancer Dreadnought will be able to equip a racially specific Disruptive Lance. Disruptive Lances are a smaller version of the Titan Lances, doing about 1/3rd of the base damage of a Titan lance.

  • Disruptive Lances apply a suite of debuffs to any ship that it hits, including:

    • Not being able to tether.

    • Not being able to warp out, dock, jump, or use a stargate.

    • Receiving only 50% of incoming remote repairs. 

  • Disruptive Lances will do a 10km AoE energy neutralize around the lancer ship that activates it, like Titan lances.

  • Disruptive Lances will provide a similar set of debuffs to the lancer, such as not being able to tether, cloak, dock or jump for 5 minutes after firing.

  • Disruptive Lances can only be fired while in Siege mode and ships with this module fitted are unable to activate cloaking devices.

Skill Requirements 
We are adding 3 new skills with the Lancer Dreadnoughts. 1 for manufacturing them, 1 for flying the ship itself, and 1 skill for the new disruption lancers.

  • Lancer Dreadnoughts [x16]: 2,500,000,000 ISK at all empire school stations 

  • Disruptive Lance Operation [x14]: 500,000,000 ISK at all empire school stations 

  • Advanced Capital Ship Construction [x16]: 500,000,000 ISK at all empire school stations. 

  • The Lancer Dreadnoughts skill book will be required to fly the Dreadnaughts. In addition to the racial Dreadnaught skill at level V. 

  • Disruptive Lance Operation is needed to use the new lances, each level of this will reduce capacitor consumption of the lances by 5% 

  • Advanced Capital Ship Construction is required to build Lancer Dreadnoughts. Each level will reduce the manufacturing time by 1%. 

Industry Information 
BPOs for the Lances can be found for 500,000,000 ISK in the appropriate empire school station for the respective racial lance. 

Lance Blueprint Material:
Zydrine: 20,000 
Megacyte: 25,000 
Isogen: 20,000 
Nocxium: 25,000 
Mexallon: 40,000 
Pyerite: 1,000,000 
Tritanium: 1,500,000

  • Blueprints to build the Lancer dreadnoughts, are acquired from running invention jobs on existing Tech 1 Dreadnought BPCs. 

T2 Dreadnought Material Requirements:
T1 Dread - 1
[Factional] Capital Reactor Unit - 1,700 
[Factional] Capital Microprocessor - 1,500 
[Factional] Capital Capacitor Unit - 1,500 
[Factional] Capital Sensor Cluster - 900 
[Factional] Capital Thruster - 900 
[Factional] Capital Armor Plate - 400 
[Factional] Capital Shield Emitter - 400 
Morphite - 4000 
Construction Blocks - 2000 
R.A.M.- Starship Tech - 100

  • Lancer Dreadnoughts will have the same restrictions for Upwell Structures docking as regular Dreadnoughts do. 

  • Lancer Dreadnoughts will only be able to be manufactured in Low Security, Null Security in an NPC stations or with an Upwell Capital Manufacturing Service online in Low Security, Null Security or Wormhole space. The same as existing Dreadnoughts.

The following rigs will reduce the materials and time required for Lancer Dreadnought production.

  • Large Structure Rigs 

    • Standup L-Set Capital Ship Manufacturing Efficiency I 

    • Standup L-Set Capital Ship Manufacturing Efficiency II 

  • XL Structure Rigs 

    • Standup XL-Set Ship Manufacturing Efficiency I 

    • Standup XL-Set Ship Manufacturing Efficiency II 


Ever since the rework to marauders back in 2021, they have seen a huge increase in use and we are incredibly happy that Marauders feel rewarding to fly and are aspirational to pilots across New Eden. They have however, become very dominant in all areas of space.

In general Marauders have a very potent combination of:

  • High damage.

  • High tank, including allowing it to catch reps even in large scale fleet fights.

  • High mobility, even though the bastion locks them in place, it has a short duration.

  • High range.

  • High application.

  • EWAR resistance which prevents most counterplay options.

This results in them being rather good at everything and lacking in possible counterplay. Faster fleets can’t avoid their damage, smaller fleets struggle to break them, clever FCs can’t bring EWAR counters. The best counter to these ships is a capital escalation, which is not available to many groups, particularly smaller ones or all areas of the game such as wormholes or inside an ESS.

Bastion Module 

Our goal is to create new weaknesses and therefore opportunities for counterplay in PvP for Marauders where they currently do not have many. These changes would lean into the class identity as being strong but immobile and offer smaller ships the chance to play around a Marauder with EWAR tools that are currently often useless in the face of its EWAR resistance bonus. 

  • Duration Increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

  • Removed the electronic warfare resistance bonus to Sensor Dampener, Tracking Disruptor, and Target Painter resistance. 

The ship continues to retain its incredible firepower, tank, range and application but will now have a few weaknesses.


The Kronos is currently the weakest performing of the Marauders. We are giving it an additional midslot in exchange for a highslot to give it more utility for close range brawling. We are also making a small tweak to its survivability by shifting some of the structure HP into armor HP.

  • +1 Midslot, -1 Highslot

  • Increased Amor HP from 7,900 to 8,500

  • Decreased Structure HP from 9,500 to 8,900


The Vargur is performing the best out of all the Marauders right now for solo and small gang use. We are making adjustments to decrease the power of triple X-Large Ancillary Shield Booster fits by lowering the shield boost bonus slightly, and moving some shield HP into armor HP. At the same time we are improving the flexibility of the Vargur by adding an Armor Repair bonus and an extra lowslot in exchange for a highslot to match the paradigm set by the Kronos. 

  • +1 Lowslot, -1 Highslot 

  • Decreased Shield HP from 8,300 to 7,800 

  • Increased Armor HP from 7,300 to 7,800 

  • 7.5% bonus to Shield Booster amount changed to 5% bonus to Shield Booster and Armor Repair amount 


Currently the paladin is extremely dominant compared to other Marauders in very large scale fleet fights. We are lowering the optimal range per level bonus slightly to reduce its dominance.

  • Reduced Optimal Range per level bonus from 7.5% to 5%

Mass Changes to Marauders 

Marauders are particularly dominant in wormholes due to their high power to mass efficiency. We are increasing the mass to be closer to Black Ops battleships. This will mean that players will need to be slightly more cautious about the number of Marauders they can bring to a fight in J-space. 

  • Kronos : 148,000,000 kg (+54,520,000 kg)  

  • Vargur : 150,000,000 kg (+53,480,000 kg) 

  • Paladin : 160,000,000 kg (+67,755,000 kg) 

  • Golem : 157,000,000 kg (+ 62,665,000 kg) 

  • Agility for all Marauders has been improved to keep align times at similar values. 


We are adding some power to the Maelstrom and the Rokh, as they were both underperforming compared to the Hyperion and Abaddon. 


The Rokh Currently shares the 8/6/5 slot layout with the Maelstrom, which outperforms it as a shield brawler. By increasing it to 7 Mid slots, the goal is to give it more flexibility when Blaster brawling over the Maelstrom. At the same time, we are also giving it a bit more fitting space, and a much bigger Drone Bay, with a smaller increase to Drone Bandwidth, which will add to its utility, especially when up close.

Longer range fits will benefit from the extra utility or tank the 7th Mid slot provides, especially when combined with the Large Railgun buffs.

  • +1 Midslot, -1 Lowslot 

  • Increased Drone Bandwidth from 50m3 to 75m3 

  • Increased Drone Bay 50m3 to 125m3 

  • Increased CPU from 780tf to 810tf 


We are generally happy with the Maelstrom’s identity as a Shield Boosting brawling projectile platform, it just needs a bit more power. We are improving the Maelstrom's speed, Shield Boost bonus, and Scan Resolution. Both the velocity and scan resolution were a little on the slower side for a Minmatar ship, especially when compared to the Hyperion.

  • Increased Shield Boost bonus from 7,5% to 10% per level 

  • Increased Max Velocity from 94m/s to 115m/s 

  • Increased Scan Resolution from 117mm to 125mm 

Large Railguns 

Large Railguns are severely underperforming compared to other battleship sized weapons. We are Improving them relative to other weapon classes to make them a more viable option and to help improve the viability of several underperforming ships - such as the Rokh and the Kronos.

  • +15% bonus to Tracking Speed 

  • +15% bonus to Rate of fire. 

The tracking increase will place Large Railguns between Large Beams and Large Artillery for tracking scores, the rate of fire increase will improve their DPS making them more attractive while not increasing their alpha strike capability for large fleet fights. 

Zero-Point Mass Entangler 

There was not a particularly strong reason for disallowing this module in High Security and Low Security as it was a legacy it inherited from the older HIC module.

  • Zero-Point Mass Entangler can be used in High Security and Low Security

Homefront Operations 

Each Homefront Operation requires a group of pilots covering specific roles from hacking to hauling. Be warned; unlike most other sites, Homefront Operations can be lost if your team fails to meet their set objective.

The goal of these sites is to bring new and experienced capsuleers together to do new activities, help to establish social connections and introduce fleet gameplay.

  • Sites are located in empire owned High Security systems, mostly focused around trade hubs or Career Agent systems.

  • The enemies, narrative, and specific goals of a site are dependant on which empire's space it is found within.

  • Some sites introduce hostiles hailing from new traitorous corporations, splintering away from their empire.

Abyssal Artifact Recovery: 
Valuable artifacts buried within asteroids have emerged from Abyssal rifts. However, they aren't all that has made its way to the cluster. Break apart the asteroids and grab whatever you can before the dwellers of the Abyss overwhelm you. 

Suspicious Signal: 
Your target is protected by an array of specialized emitters. While they're active, it is invulnerable. Hack the array to temporarily disable these defenses and give yourself a chance to take out the target. 

Dread Assault:
An allied Dreadnought was dispatched to eliminate a target. Unfortunately, hostile forces are neutralizing its capacitor and preventing it from firing. Boost its charge, keep the enemy at bay, and the dread will take care of the rest. 

An enemy base has been found containing items your empire would like recovered. Tackle and destroy any hostile haulers that attempt to escape. Bring a hauler of your own to aid in retrieving the items from their smoldering wrecks. 

Emergency Aid:
Hostiles are attempting to destroy an allied target. Repair any damage and keep the enemy at bay long enough to secure the site. The hostile forces cannot be allowed to complete their objective. 

Metaliminal Meteoroid:
An asteroid comprised of ore valuable to the war effort has slipped into Empire space. Your goal is to mine it out before it plunges back to Abyssal Deadspace. Be careful; hostile forces in the area will attempt to disrupt and delay your efforts. 

Improved Objective System 
We have vastly improved the objective system for agent missions and sites. The new objectives have modernized visuals, contain dynamic information, and include helpful interaction states. 

These new objectives are featured in the Homefront Operations and we have also implemented them for all the Career Agent missions, making them much clearer and more accessible. 

Ecosystem & Industry Changes 

We are making a lot of quality-of-life changes to various aspects of the economy, as well as reducing some of the bottlenecks that currently exist, especially for capital production. 

The changes to the Capital Core Temperature Regulators and Neurolink Enhancers will lower the cost of all Capital Ships. We are also changing the PI consumed by the Life Support Backup Units and Auto-Integrity Preservation Seals from P1 to P2 planetary interaction commodities. This will make hauling the build materials for them much easier. 

Blueprint Changes: 

Capital Core Temperature Regulator Blueprint 

  • Integrity Response Drones: Decreased from 100 to 25 

  • Self-Harmonizing Power Core: Decreased from 100 to 25

  • Core Temperature Regulator: Decreased from 70 to 50 

Meta-Operant Neurolink Enhancer Blueprint 

  • Hypnagogic Neurolink Enhancers: Decreased from 160 to 80 

  • Axosomatic Neurolink Enhancer: Decreased from 160 to 80 

  • Cogni-Emotive Neurolink Enhancer: Decreased from 160 to 80 

  • Sense-Heuristic Neurolink Enhancer Decreased from 160 to 80 

Life Support Backup Unit: 

  • Removed Water: 150 → 0 

  • Removed Oxygen: 200 → 0 

  • Added Test Cultures: 8 

  • Added Viral Agent: 8 

Auto-Integrity Preservation Seal 

  • Removed Bacteria: 80 → 0 

  • Removed Proteins: 40 → 0

  • Added Nanites x 4 

  • Added Supertensile Plastics x 4 

Jump Freighters already required certain input materials when building the Tech 1 Freighters. We are removing them to both lower the cost of Jump Freighters and lower the demand for these items so that they are more available for other capital ships. 

Ark Blueprint:

  • Removed U-C Trigger Neurolink Conduit: 32 → 0 

  • Removed Radar-FTL Interlink Communicator: 2 → 0 

  • Removed Auto-Integrity Preservation Seal: 400 → 0 

  • Removed Life Support Backup Unit 200 → 0 

  • Removed Capital Core Temperature Regulator 1 → 0 

Rhea Blueprint: 

  • Removed R-O Trigger Neurolink Conduit: 32 → 0 

  • Removed Gravimetric-FTL Interlink Communicator: 2 → 0 

  • Removed Auto-Integrity Preservation Seal: 400 → 0 

  • Removed Life Support Backup Unit: 200 → 0 

  • Removed Capital Core Temperature Regulator: 1 → 0 

Anshar Blueprint:

  • Removed S-R Trigger Neurolink Conduit: 32 → 0 

  • Removed Magnetometric-FTL Interlink Communicator: 2 → 0 

  • Removed Auto-Integrity Preservation Seal: 400 → 0 

  • Removed Life Support Backup Unit: 200 → 0 

  • Removed Capital Core Temperature Regulator: 1 → 0 

Nomad Blueprint:

  • Removed G-O Trigger Neurolink Conduit: 32 → 0 

  • Removed Ladar-FTL Interlink Communicator: 2 → 0 

  • Removed Auto-Integrity Preservation Seal: 400 → 0 

  • Removed Life Support Backup Unit: 200 → 0 

  • Removed Capital Core Temperature Regulator: 1 → 0 


  • Jump Freighter wrecks now have an access difficulty of -10 to match all other T2 Ships. 

We are making Capital Ship Components easier to export and import. 

  • Reduced Volume from 10,000 m3 to 2,000 m3 

We are increasing the availability of the content that drops the Capital Ship control items. 

  • Increased spawn chance by 100% for the following sites: AEGIS Capital Ship Security Facility, AEGIS Secure Transfer Facility, AEGIS Capital Construction Forge, Overmind Nursery Grove.

We are making it much easier to haul PI commodities as well as it now requires fewer active inputs to manage since the space of all storage facilities and spaceports is effectively doubled. 

  • Volume of all PI commodities reduced by 50%.

We are adjusting the asteroid belts that we added earlier this year, these are the asteroid belts which can be found in blue A0 star systems in Null Security and Wormhole space. As well as in 0.5 security High Security systems which border Low Security and Null Security systems which border Low Security systems.

  • Ytirium asteroid count increased by 900%

Ytirium is an asteroid which reprocesses into Isogen exclusively. We are increasing the value of these mining sites and increasing the supply of Isogen.

We are making Molecular Condensers more affordable and available by adding them to FW (Factional Warfare) LP (Loyalty Point) stores to act as a price ceiling for them.

  • Price: 1 Million ISK and 600 FW LP.  

  • LM-Composite Molecular Condensers can be purchased in the 24th Imperial Crusade LP Store 

  • AG-Composite Molecular Condenser can be purchased in the State Protectorate LP Store 

  • CV-Composite Molecular Condenser can be purchased in the Federal Defense Union LP Store 

  • AV-Composite Molecular Condenser can be purchased in the Tribal Liberation Force LP Store 


  • Volumetric clouds have been introduced in the Homefront Operation sites. These clouds have a three-dimensional appearance, adding depth and realism to the environment.

  • Missile impacts have received updates across all warhead size classes. 

    • The missile will now explode outwards in the opposite direction of the impact vector. 

    • Missile impacts will illuminate nearby surfaces. 

    • The visual effects (VFX) of the impact will be slightly smaller when viewed from closer camera distances, decided on impact spawn ranging from 30km to 10km. 

    • Flare brightness has been adjusted based on camera distance to avoid overwhelming players when viewed up close. 

    • Improved gameplay readability has been achieved using shape language and differentiation. 

  • 68 Frigates of the empire-based factions have received FX (special effects) and lighting updates. This includes the addition of lights and effects to enhance their visual appearance.

  • Marauders have received FX and lighting updates. Lights and effects have been added to improve their visual representation.

  • Upwell Citadels, namely Astrahus, Fortizar, and Keepstar, have undergone an FX and lighting pass. Lights and effects have been added to enhance the visual appeal of these structures. 

  • Planets have been added as shadow casters. This means that the planets now contribute to casting shadows in the game, further enhancing the visual fidelity of the environment.