Coming in Crius: Introducing what’s in EVE’s big industry release

Crius, the next release for EVE Online, will bring about a massive set of new features and changes to science, manufacturing, research and reprocessing in EVE. For those new to manufacturing in EVE Online, it’ll be the perfect time to try building your own ships and ammunition, or to  try setting up a small operation at a starbase.

The ambitious industrialist will be able to better outsmart the market by making decisions about where to build thanks to a powerful new toolset to help create opportunities for specialization. There are new “sandbox gameplay” elements for collaborating with others in the business of creating manufacturing hubs for certain goods by recruiting the right kind of workforce to the area. These changes are part of our long-running arc that gives capsuleers more and more control and possibilities to colonize the New Eden universe.

If you have been fascinated by the market and industry aspects of EVE Online but not tried this area of EVE yet, Crius is the time to jump in!

Here are the features coming in Crius on July 22nd. These features were introduced in a set of dev blogs in the spring and in keynotes at Fanfest, but many of them have now matured and you can expect a new set of dev blogs with updates on each feature before Crius. You can also try all of these changes right now on Singularity, our public test server.

A new experience for manufacturing, research, blueprint copying, invention and reverse engineering

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Crius brings a complete overhaul of the tools for industry activities, making the materials or actions needed visible, with instantly calculated results and clear breakdowns of what aspects of the process you can affect. The changes were introduced in this blog, and another blog with the latest updates is in the making.

Dynamic pricing across the universe

Limitations on slots for science and industry jobs in stations will be removed in Crius. Instead the cost of running jobs are affected by the amount of activity in a solar system that competes for the same workforce, the kind of facility you choose, and a number of other factors that you can make decisions about. These changes were introduced in this blog, and another blog with the latest updates is in the making.

Travelling worker teams

Crius brings a new way to affect the results of science and industry jobs by recruiting specialized teams to the system you are in. These teams bring their knowledge and skills to affect the outcome of jobs (at a certain cost) and give industrialists further ways to gain an edge on their competitors. These changes were introduced in this blog, and another blog with the latest updates is in the making.

Reprocessing renewed

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Items and materials reprocessing changes to provide more options for specialization through skills and choosing the right kind of facility. The new interface gives clear breakdowns of the outcomes of reprocessing. These changes were introduced in this blog.

Blueprints and research

Crius brings changes to give players more clarity and control over how to invest in researching their blueprints. These changes were introduced in this blog, and another blog with the latest updates is in the making.


Starbases get a number of new benefits for industrial activity and will be easier to build all over New Eden. You can read about the changes in this devblog.

Dynamic station sound

With Crius, the sound environment in stations will change based on the type and amount of industrial activity in the station.

New API endpoints for industry features

With Crius, we are releasing a number of new industry related features in both the EVE API and Public CREST that 3rd Party Developers and crafty individuals can use to create tools. Read all about it in this devblog.

Fleet Warp Opt-out

With Crius, players in a fleet will be able to opt out of taking fleet warps, which is useful for a number of roles in a fleet.

Fit modules without having the required skills

With this change, those preparing ships for others can do so without having the skills required to fit the modules. Skills are still needed to online modules.

There will be a few other things slipping in as we get closer to release. Keep an eye out for updated dev blogs on all of the above. May the factories of New Eden run hot!

CCP Seagull

Senior Producer, EVE Development