Halloween Special Offers, Trick or Treat PvP and Howling Interceptors Now Live!

Cold-blooded Capsuleers,

The terrifying streak of Halloween goodies continues with opportunities to boost your skill training, so take advantage of limited time offers on Multiple Character Training (MCT) and Omega! Plus, get a separate 10% off selected Omega packages! Remember, upgrading to Omega means you can get even better rewards during the Daily Halloween Horrors event, too.

As if that weren’t enough, it will definitely pay to undock and go on a spine-chilling rampage this Halloween, as you can get 100% module and cargo drops from any player-owned ship that you destroy in New Eden until 11:00 UTC on 6 November!

However, beware of roaming wolf packs! An upgrade to Combat Interceptors in EVE Online means more damage, more fittings and more reason to jump into these ships for some Trick or Treat action. You can also pick a costume for your Interceptor with the Howling Interceptors SKIN bundle now available in the New Eden Store.