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EVE's Halloween Horrors

Get Free Skill Points, Daily Gifts, SKINs & More

Crimson Harvest

The Crimson Harvest event returns to New Eden with brand new combat sites located all across Highsec, Lowsec, Nullsec, and Wormhole space until 11:00 UTC on 10 November! You will choose to either fight the Blood Raiders or the Shining Flame mercenaries, and you can venture to Lowsec systems within the Bleak Lands and Devoid regions, as well as the Blood Raider home systems within Delve for a greater challenge and the greatest rewards.

Rewards include ISK, new and returning ship SKINs, fireworks, Crimson Harvest apparel, blueprints for a new Blood Raider modified Mobile Tractor Unit, powerful faction modules and implants, and limited-time Cerebral Accelerators!

Crimson Harvest - Free Daily Gifts

As part of EVE's Halloween Horrors and the returning Crimson Harvest event, you can log into EVE Online daily and receive free Crimson Harvest gifts until 11:00 UTC on 9 November as an Alpha or an Omega!

The frightfully good rewards for the Crimson Harvest login event include up to 60,000 Skill Points, Deathglow Remnants SKINs, T-shirt and fireworks crates for Alpha pilots. As an Omega, you will receive all those Alpha gifts plus a further 175,000 Skill Points, more Deathglow Remnants SKINs, Agency Boosters, and a Cerebral Accelerator!

Please note, you will need to log in on at least 7 days of the Crimson Harvest campaign in order to receive all the gifts.

Upgrade To Omega

New Abyssal Proving Grounds Event

A new Crimson Harvest-themed Abyssal Proving Grounds event is now live in EVE Online! Get stuck into a 4-player Tech 1 Frigate free-for-all with double Stasis Webifier range and a uniquely spooky Abyssal environment until 11:00 UTC on 3 November! Don't forget to track Capsuleer progress on the in-game leaderboards.

Trick or Treat

This Halloween it pays to undock and go on a spine-chilling rampage as you can get 90% module and cargo drops from any destroyed player-owned ship, as well as 90% of non-asset safety drops from structures until 11:00 UTC on 10 November!

Howling Interdictors

The new Howling Interdictors update is now live, bringing changes, variety and balance to Interdictors and Combat Interceptors, and introducing the new Stasis Webification Probe!

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Malagrin Marshlight SKIN Returns

As part of EVE's Halloween Horrors, the chillingly beautiful Malagrin Marshglight SKIN returns to EVE Online's New Eden Store, and it is now available on even more ships, but only until 11:00 UTC on 9 November!

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