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Freight Service Customers Get Another Choice

2011-02-13 - Por Svarthol

A new freighter company, Universal Railways has been opened to compete for freighter contracts, otherwise typically dealt with by Red Frog Freight.

Universal Railways who published their first share report at the beginning of February, boasted a company value of just over 2 Billion ISK. CEO of universal Railways, Cista2, commented that; "What we have now is a moderately sized, but fully functional company. We are 4 executives including Dezolf, Stealing Honest, Anachronic and myself. Currently 7 pilots are flying. We will continue on, as one of the few truly public companies that employ many players working together."

Universal Railways offers a unique service by providing, "fixed schedule flights with known pilots." Prior to the creation of universal Railways, Red Frog Freight was virtually uncontested in the organised freight service industry.

One satisfied customer, Mortymer Blackbyrd, left his personalised feedback to the pilot of his cargo, a unique rating system offered by Universal Railways for its pilots, "Another satisfied customer of URAIL and Kei Darker here. Prompt delivery, good prices and great service; will use again."

Speaking to Locin WeEda, founder of Red Frog Freight, he explained that despite the opening of rival company Universal Railways, contract statistics were in fact better than ever, "So far, it does not seem to have affected us much, our program where we parse contracts... has tracked over 5000 contracts in January, so that is a new record for us." When asked about his thoughts on the opening of universal Railways, Locin WeEda commented that, "I wish them the best of luck."

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