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Suprise Attack Catches 7th Fleet off Guard

2007-12-06 - Por Svarthol

The Bleak Lands - At 11:50 Standard EVE Time today, the following message was transmitted over several independent media frequencies by an individual identifying himself as Ode Goriad.

"_You thought we were gone._
_You were wrong._"

Multiple sources within the Amarr Navy have confirmed that within minutes of the transmission, unidentified military vessels mounted a concerted attack upon 7th Fleet installations all across The Bleak Lands region. Attempts to mount a coordinated response were hampered by a scheduled downtime of the region's military communications network, leaving local units isolated and forcing them to defend as best they could with whatever vessels they had available.

When the communications arrays came back online, and the full scope of what was until that point believed to be a localized problem was made clear, the 7th Fleet immediately activated reserve units to reinforce their positions. Most reported however that the attacking forces had already dispersed by the time they arrived. At 1400 Admiral Saracen issued the following statement:

"At 12:00 today the terrorist organization known as The Defiants launched a series of scattered raids on our facilities across the region, which were swiftly beaten back by my indomitable Fleet. The physical damage was superficial, but the 7th Fleet does not suffer fools gladly. I have worked long and hard to bring this region back under Amarr Navy control and I will not permit these barbarians to destabilize the peace we have built. The 7th Fleet is mobilizing all its forces as I speak, and we will burn our enemies out from the holes they are hiding with the full force of our holy wrath."

Just a few days ago it seemed that there might finally be an end in sight to the troubles that have plagued The Bleak Lands. Today's events show that, once more, the region balances on the edge of a dangerous precipice.