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BIG Apocalypse’s Origin Unveiled

2004-05-25 - 작성자 Svarthol

Speculation has run rampant these past few weeks as to the origin of the Imperial Apocalypse-class battleship given away by the BIG Corporation in their bi-weekly lottery drawing yesterday. Today, for the first time, reliable information on the matter has finally come to light.

According to sources inside House Kor-Azor, the vessel was originally owned by none other than Imperial Heir and renowned bad boy Articio Kor-Azor. Apparently, Kor-Azor, who has been involved with more than one Gallentean reel starlet through the years, had left the ship at Gloria Monterneux’s estate after a wild night of revelry back in February, neglecting to return to claim it. Monterneux’s sister, Martina, herself reportedly a former lover of Articio’s, instead of handing the ship back to Kor-Azor himself then gave it to the BIG Lottery. As to the actress's motivation for doing so, she has up until now flatly refused all interview requests.

At time of going to press, the Apocalypse has been delivered to its winner, who reportedly is of Amarr origin. The BIG Corporation would not divulge the winner’s name to the press, in order to preserve the arguably fortunate party’s name from mercenary elements seeking the ship’s destruction or retrieval.

Officials from House Kor-Azor would not comment on this news, stating only that the ship would be reacquired by the Empire “through any means possible.”