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Boundless Creation Marketing Holo Banned

2010-04-24 - 작성자 Svarthol

Hagilur – A review panel at the Republic Justice Department has ordered a ban on the latest marketing holoreel produced by Boundless Creation after fierce opposition from a Minmatar-Gallente based pressure group. The group, named “Reconcile,” is a pro-peace movement seeking to move the major governments of New Eden toward a peaceful end to current hostilities.

Reconcile filed a petition with the Republic Justice Department several days ago, stating that the upcoming Boundless Creation marketing holoreel was “needlessly antagonistic and totally lacking in any measure of class.”

The disputed holoreel contains publically sourced footage of the recent capture of the last Curatores Veritatis Alliance outpost in AY-YCU in the Providence region, where an all-Minmatar starship taskforce was assembled by the alliances Against ALL Authorities and Ushra’Khan, as well as several other capsuleer organizations.

A Reconcile spokesman stated the following after the hearing today: “We are very happy with the ruling and feel that something worthwhile has been achieved here today. As our first major move into any high-profile lobbying, we are understandably excited with the results, and the prospects of future success.”