Bug discovered with SKIN system | EVE Online

Bug discovered with SKIN system

2015-05-01 - 작성자 CCP Falcon

It has been brought to our attention today that players have discovered a bug with the ship skinning feature which was deployed in the Mosaic release on April 28th.

The SKIN system is designed to be very adaptable and robust so that we can bring more customization options to our players, however the bug that has been discovered allows players to skin their ships with any skin from in game, without restrictions on race, faction and class of ship.

Right now, with the initial launch of the feature, the SKINS that are available are just a small percentage of what’s possible with the system, and we’ll be expanding the SKIN lineup going forward as we push more variations through the QA process and approve them for use on Tranquility.

The SKINs that are currently available through the New Eden Store are those that have passed through the required QA checks and have been tested to ensure that they’re suitable for in game use. We carry out a number of tests before a skin is released into the store to ensure that they don’t cause any undue load or client issues when they are displayed on ships, and to confirm that they meet the visual target that we have for the EVE Universe.

SKINs that are being applied to ships by using the bug that has been discovered have not yet been through the QA process, and are not tested to ensure that they give optimal performance during gameplay. Some of them may also still need extra work to ensure that they meet the visual standard that we have for the EVE Universe.

With this in mind, while some of them may look pretty, we advise players not to use these skins at the present time, as they may cause increased load and client performance issues. If players do continue to use these skins in spite of this warning before a fix is put in place, then they do so at their own risk, and will not be eligible for any form of reimbursement for any losses incurred.