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DED Considering action

2005-07-20 - 작성자 Svarthol

GENESIS. DED officials are “considering different courses of action against the Finite Horizon corporation” due to their increasing drug-related activities.

Ipeman Psarana, Security Officer at DED Yulai X confirmed this morning that FZN operatives have been under surveillance, “in particular their recent war against the Coreli Corporation and their war bounty of several thousands of m3 of narcotics”.

It had been previously suggested that DED attention was due to complaints filed by the Walkai Terraforming Industries corporation after their terraforming convoy was neutralized in early June, and by the Amarrian Empire after FZN and DNA operatives disrupted an Amarrian Navy convoy in Haras two weeks later; both were denied by S.O. Psarana.

“In case of property destruction, under the Yulai Convention framework CONCORD vessels are allowed to use force only inside high security systems and only immediately following said destruction; other than restricting the entrance of dangerous elements to high security space CONCORD cannot preemptively engage individuals or corporations in any way.”

“The traffic of narcotics, on the other hand, is regarded as a dire threat by all Convention signing parties, and as such DED is authorized to actively pursue offenders outside normally CONCORD patrolled areas and use force if deemed necessary”

S.O. Psanara also denied DED’s actions in this matter being coordinated by Sark Martek, chief of the joint task force created by the Gallente Federation and the Minmatar Republic to fight smuggling in general. “Small fishes are taken care by national customs on a daily basis and are not on DED’s priority list. On the contrary, FZN operatives have earned themselves a bit of our attention”.

Psanara refused to comment in detail DED’s actions on this matter.