Updated Monthly Economic Report - December 2021 | EVE Online

Updated Monthly Economic Report - December 2021

2022-01-20 - 작성자 EVE Economic Council

Good day Capsuleers.

The EVE Economic Council has fixed some errors in the MER for Decemeber 2021, as well as made a few changes to the format.

The Mining Value by Region data has been replaced by eight new graphs showing Asteroid Ore, Moon Ore, Ice, and Gas Volumes mined - as well as the residue numbers. You can expect this information for all future Economic Reports.

Finally - the aforementioned mining data now draws its data from an updated data-source to ensure accurate information is sent in these udpates.

For this update,__ all of the new graphs will be uploaded first__ - in future Economic Reports, they will be listed in the intended order with all mining data following the Destruction Value by Region graphs.

All data can be downloaded here and each image can be enlarged by clicking on it

We want to thank the CSM and astute minds in the community for their input and feedback on the MER. We are committed to providing you with accurate information, and apologize for both the delay and inaccuracies of the original Report.

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