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2 for 1 Sale Live Now!

2024-04-18 - By EVE Online Team

Ambitious capsuleers,

From 18-22 April, you can take advantage of a 2 for 1 offer on both Skill Extractors and Alpha Injectors!

With a Skill Extractor applied to your account, you can take existing Skill Points from a character, and then re-assign them elsewhere. If you’ve traveled down a training path that no longer serves your goals, you can use these Extractors to quickly catch up elsewhere.

Alpha Injectors, on the other hand, make it easy to quickly apply 50,000 Skill Points to your Alpha pilot of choice. It’s the perfect way to speed up your training goals, and get your new career off to a faster start!

Both Skill Extractors and Alpha Injectors are available to buy from the EVE Store.

Make sure you stock up on twice as much for the same price before the offer ends on 22 April!

Save Big Now


The time approaches for Founders to go planetside once again in the next First Strike deployment from 25-29 April. The only requirement to join the event is to have Omega access, and there has never been a better time to upgrade, as both the EVE Store and the New Eden Store are offering 14 days of Omega access, as well as the Revelation Navy Issue Arkombine Arisen SKIN for a limited time, giving anyone interested in jumping into EVE Vanguard an unmissable opportunity.