25% Off Omega for Additional Accounts | EVE Online

25% Off Omega for Additional Accounts

2020-02-14 - By CCP Dopamine

Amorous Capsuleers,

It's that time of year where showing affection and appreciation is important, so what better time to show your additional EVE Online accounts some love and grab one month of Omega for them at 25% off until 11:00 UTC on 19 February! Use the opportunity to start playing EVE the right way!

If you are not currently an Omega, you can upgrade and get 1 month of Omega at 15% off, and still be eligible to upgrade your additional accounts to Omega using the 25% discount.

Playing EVE Online with multiple accounts means that you can have more than one character logged into the game simultaneously, and more accounts mean more skill training. This allows you to highly specialize characters on different accounts for particular roles, especially if all accounts are Omega. You can then fly both characters together in-game during a fight and salvage operation, one can haul goods while the other runs missions, or you could have one scout dangerous star systems for the other!

Upgrading to Omega takes your EVE experience to the next level, unlocking all 350+ ships, all skills, an infinite skill queue and double training speed, plus unlimited access to Planetary Interaction and the contracts system.

If you are currently Alpha or do not currently have an additional account and would like to make use of the offer, you can create a new account today and you will be eligible for the upgrade offer at downtime the day after!