Save 50% on 3 Months of MCT + 3 Months of Omega | EVE Online

Save 50% on 3 Months of MCT + 3 Months of Omega

2020-03-19 - By CCP Dopamine


For a limited time only, you can train skills on an additional character at the same time as your primary character with Multiple Character Training (MCT) for 3 months! This additional training slot is activated as soon as you purchase this combined offer of a 3 month Omega package and the MCT for a total of $48.85 by 11:00 UTC on 24 March, so start adding skills to your additional character's training queue immediately!

Multiple Character Training (MCT) will allow you to train skills on multiple characters on the same account simultaneously. Along with Omega giving you double training speed, an infinite skill queue and access to all skills in EVE, you can use this offer to significantly advance skill training potential across your characters and get closer to your goals in New Eden!