32-bit Client Deprecation | EVE Online

32-bit Client Deprecation

2020-02-26 - By CCP Convict

Dear Capsuleers,

Back in January, we reported that the transition to a 64-bit client was complete and we would be deprecating the 32-bit client on Wednesday, 26th February.

As of today, users will be unable to launch the 32-bit version of EVE and must use the 64-bit version of the game. If you have previously manually selected the 32-bit client in the launcher, you will be automatically moved back to the 64bit version of the client, provided your system supports 64-bit.

The move to a single 64-bit client will reduce the development time associated with maintaining two clients, while allowing further investment into the technical infrastructure of EVE Online.

While the 64-bit client has been in use by the vast majority of our players, if you experience any issues, please file a bug report.