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50% Off Omega + Multi Character Training

2023-03-28 - By EVE Online Team

Greetings capsuleers,

Training your characters properly can make or break your career in New Eden. EVE Online is a complex game with many different activities, each requiring a different set of skills. Whether you're interested in combat, industry, exploration, incursions, mission running, or trading, Multiple Character Training (MCT) lets you train more pilots and try new things.

For a limited time, the EVE Store is offering a 50% discount on Omega + MCT bundles. Enjoy all the benefits of an Omega account and train multiple characters simultaneously, to maximize your potential in New Eden.

Grab the following bundles:

• 1 M Omega + 2 M MCT
• 3 M Omega + 6 M MCT
• 6 M Omega + 12 M MCT
• 12 M Omega + 24 M MCT

MCT allows you to train up to three characters on a single account, giving you the flexibility to explore different careers and activities. If you do not already have alts (alternative characters), you can create one today.

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