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A Short Transmission on a Few Upcoming Changes

2008-01-25 - By CCP Chronotis

The holidays are safely over for us all; the Earth having safely completed yet another orbit around the sun. Up in the land of ice and Vikings, we are gearing back up to work off all those mince pies in what looks to be a very interesting year. For the past few weeks the focus has been on bug fixing but not without a spoonful of balancing and timely changes to go with it. It is the latter which we want to talk about and tell you about a few of the upcoming changes.


Six new clones have been added going all the way up to 450 million skill points at the cost of 150 million ISK which should keep Dr Caymus and the rest of you covered for a few years. We also took this opportunity to revisit the existing clones and rounded up both the skill points saved and the costs to figures that are a little easier on the eyes. The most significant changes are the price reduction of the Rho and Sigma clones to bring them more into line with the preceding clones. The table below shows the new clone figures.

NameSkill PointsCost
Clone Grade Alpha900,000-
Clone Grade Beta1,380,00040,000
Clone Grade Gamma2,050,00065,000
Clone Grade Delta2,800,00095,000
Clone Grade Epsilon3,750,000130,000
Clone Grade Zeta4,800,000180,000
Clone Grade Eta6,100,000250,000
Clone Grade Theta7,750,000335,000
Clone Grade Iota9,800,000470,000
Clone Grade Kappa12,400,000650,000
Clone Grade Lambda15,700,000930,000
Clone Grade Mu20,000,0001,340,000
Clone Grade Nu25,600,0001,980,000
Clone Grade Xi32,800,0002,990,000
Clone Grade Omicron42,200,0004,700,000
Clone Grade Pi54,600,0007,800,000
Clone Grade Rho71,000,00013,000,000
Clone Grade Sigma92,500,00020,000,000
Clone Grade Tau120,000,00030,000,000
Clone Grade Upsilon156,000,00045,000,000
Clone Grade Phi203,000,00065,000,000
Clone Grade Chi264,000,00090,000,000
Clone Grade Psi343,500,000120,000,000
Clone Grade Omega450,000,000150,000,000

Future Manufacturing Waste Fix

Many of you were affected by a Trinity change to the rounding of manufacturing waste where both the blueprint and skill waste are rounded with runs. This resolved a lot of issues but had the side effect of making single batch or small scale production more efficient than mass production. Since smaller batch sizes suffered from reduced loss a diseconomy of scale resulted.

To fix this, we will make all waste be calculated on the single run and then multiplied by the runs such that the material requirements for a 200 run job will be 200 times the requirements of a 1 run job.

Combat Log Upgraded to Allow You to Scroll Backwards

The combat log will soon let you browse further back than the last 25 records in your character sheet combat log allowing you access to rest of your kills and losses.

Mining Drones Get a Little Love

The very best Gallente engineers have been working around the clock to retrofit all current mining drones with small shield generators as the cries and outrage of the mining elite were heard. Now mining drones have a small amount of shield, structure and armor hit points. They will still need protection as any rogue can easily destroy them but they should now be able to withstand someone sneezing on them.

Mobile Laboratories Reinforced

More hit points have also been added to Mobile Laboratories; they are now a little more resistant to attack when the occasion comes that they are vulnerable.

In Closing

Feedback as ever is welcome on any of these changes.

Ave - Chronotis