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Alliance Tournament - Day Three

2006-07-17 - By Svarthol

Day three of the Alliance Tournament saw several teams securing their place in the next stage of the competition with a third consecutive win in their group; while others tipped as favourites to win Sunday’s matches surprised commentators as they were defeated by the opposition.

After forfeiting their first two fights on Friday and Saturday, Pure attended their third against The Five with a lone Ishkur pilot as an apparent sporting gesture. The Assault Frigate was destroyed and The Five secured their third match of the tournament. Dusk and Dawn won their match against Imperial Republic of the North after IRON’s Vulture class command ship arrived late to the arena just seconds before the fight was due to begin.

OPUS Alliance forfeited their match against Veritas Immortalis giving the latter a default win and advancing their score two wins to one loss. Red Alliance also lost their second match five ships to three against Fate Weavers despite fielding a Bhaalgorn class battleship; which has seen successful use by Lokta Volterra in the Group D matches.

Interstellar Starbase Syndicate gained some ground on Sunday, securing an impressive five ships to one victory against Ushra’Khan after two lost matches during the first days of the tournament. Ushra’Khan has now suffered three defeats in the competition after facing Mercinary Coalition and Chorus of Dawn on day one and two; they will face Stain- Alliance next weekend.

Stain- Alliance was victorious in their second match of the tournament against Chorus of Dawn. Despite both teams fielding Navy Issue variants of the Raven class battleship; SA’s efficient use of target painting and logistics drones ensured their supremacy in the fight with a five kills to no losses.

Lokta Volterra’s prevelant tactical use of maintenance drones and Nosferatu modules ensured their third successive match of the tournament against opponents 3rd Front Alliance. 3FA was unsuccessful in turning the battle to their advantage after a close attempt to destroy the LV Ishtar failed. New Outer Ring Allied Democracy produced a Navy Issue Raven for their second appearance in the competition, defeating OXIDE five ships to one.

Group E saw Morsus Mihi defeated five ships to one at the hands of The Red Skull, while Prime Orbital Systems surprised experts with a victory of four kills to two against The SUdden Death Squad; despite heavy use of shield transfer arrays. TSDS was originally tipped to win the match and this is their second defeat of the tournament.

SMASH Alliance continued to use their tactic of logistics and maintenance drones to secure their third victory in the tournament against Coalition of Carebear Killers after a lengthy battle. Ascendant Frontier ended their second match of the competition against THE R0CK with a victory which saw THE R0CK’s much vaunted Raven from the previous match unable to absorb the damage from the ASCN team.

D-L lost their third match five ships to one against Exuro Mortis bringing their progress in the tournament to two losses and one win. Stain Empire also progressed to its second win in Group G against Axiom Empire. No losses were sustained by SE while Axiom’s Navy Issue Apocalypse and Damnation command ship survived the destruction of their team mates until the match ended.

Vox Imperium forfeited against the Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate, leaving KAOS Empire and Black Reign Syndicate to compete in the final match of the day. With only four pilots; BRS brought a Rattlesnake class battleship to the fight and despite destroying the KAOS Muninn and Catalyst, they were unable to counter the Nosferatu modules and armour tank of the KAOS Typhoon loosing four ships to two.