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Amarr government seeks extradition of UDI operative

2004-04-21 - By Svarthol

Kador Region – The Amarr Civic Court today requested that Ni-Kunni Goran Mitelek, the UDI operative captured by Gallente police forces in a skirmish in Sinq Laison last week, be extradited to the Amarr government.

Mitelek, an electronic warfare specialist and reputed former Angel Cartel member, is reportedly wanted for a long list of crimes against the Empire, among them the supplying of arms and explosives to “anti-government revolutionaries” and participation in “numerous operations detrimental to the Empire’s interests.”

Mitelek’s involvement in the Elarel massacre of three weeks ago is at this time unknown, but according to inside intelligence sources he is believed to have played a major role in orchestrating the attack. His influence within the UDI organization is unknown.

President Foiritan of the Gallente Federation has not been reached for comment, but a senior aide in the President’s Office, speaking on condition of anonymity, believes the chances of the President’s acceptance of extradition terms are “less than slim.”

The matter is expected to be taken up in tomorrow’s Federal Branch Assembly, where political analysts are already predicting fireworks between President Foiritan and his opponents in the Senate.