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Annual Physics Summit Unveils New Technology

2007-12-04 - By Svarthol

Luminaire - Yesterday, the annual Physics Summit - a yearly gathering of highly renowned scientific minds - saw the unveiling of Project Cronus, a highly anticipated yet closely guarded project headed by Gravitech, with assistance from the Kaalakiota Megacorporation. Yukia Feuren, CEO of Gravitech, gave an hour long presentation detailing how Cronus works, with the focus being on the technology directly constructed using theories present at last year's summit:

"Theories such as those put forth by Professor Haalikim of Pator Tech School last year, are the foundation of this technology. The system created allowed for warp disruption technology to be exerted from a ship itself. Rather than simply installing a single target warp disruption system, it became possible to create a highly modified ship control system which allows for a powerful disruption field to be generated within a vessel. This field is not only as powerful as current interdiction technology, but is also able to be focused, like with the more common warp disruptors, allowing it to use its incredibly powerful disruption ability on a single target. The systems have been created for use on a Cruiser chassis, and while the field will weaken the mobility of the Cruiser-based interdictor, the vessel is capable of mounting a defense far superior to that of current Destroyer-based models."

Not all reaction to the announcement was positive. Several groups of students carried signs with slogans such as 'Not a Commercial' and 'Advance Peace Not War' stood outside, protesting the involvement of a Mega Corporation in the Summit. During closing questions, a Kaalakiota spokesman stated that they have been contacted by several other companies and are already in discussion to sell the technology to other corporations for use in their own designs.

Gravitech was not the only focus of the summit though. Tel Mu'Kor, a leading Physicist at the Imperial Academy, led a three hour round table where he and several others put forth work that is believed to be a key in creating a more effective means of stargate operation, allowing for faster and smoother travel between star systems. Doctor Kaeli Zemnar of Poteque Pharmaceutical gave a presentation on Zero G bacterial research, which has shown promise in the field of developing more effective antibodies for fighting illness and disease. It was applauded by many in attendance as the most promising presentation of new research given this year.