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Best SKINs of 2021

2021-10-14 - By EVE Online Team

If you’re missing some of this year’s best SKINs, a new bundle of the very best is now available to buy from the EVE Store! As well as the brand-new Thanatos Green Demons SKIN, the Best SKINs of 2021 bundle is packed with this year’s cosmetic highlights.

Bundle contents

  • Green Demons Thanatos
  • Rockbreaker Pioneers Orca
  • Vampire’s Hex Gila
  • Vampire’s Hex Rattlesnake
  • Ghost’s Hex Orthrus
  • Ghost’s Hex Barghest
  • Hazard Control Loki
  • Ultraviolence Vortex Nyx

Head to the EVE Store now to add this stunning cosmetic collection to your personal fleet.