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Bloody protest against Concord

2005-09-28 - By Svarthol

Starting in Oursulaert Miz Cenuij has begun his protest against Concord, he is now moved on to protest in Jita and this is where I eventually meet him up with him.
Miz Cenuij is a well known pirate and his protest is far from peaceful or silent. The pirates have suffered the unfair treatment of Concord long enough in silence, and Miz Cenuij has thought up a way that will make everyone’s soul scream. Whether that is in delight or disgust depends on whether you are a victim of Miz Cenuji or Concord.

How does Miz Cenuij protest against Concord you may ask? He and his slave have found a way to attack innocents within the well secured empires with success. Miz Cenuji enters the system and waits until his slave has finished preparing for the onslaught. The slave, whose name will remain unknown, brings an Armageddon to the system fitted with smart bombs and shield extenders. Miz Cenuji insures this battleship and waits until everything is set into place. The slave looks for a spot with many small ships, a busy stargate or asteroid belt seems to be favoured often. He then informs his master that everything is ready, Miz Cenuji warps his capsule to the battleship, enters it when his slave ejects. As soon as Miz Cenuji enters it Concord is alerted of the presence of a criminal in its space and begins to attack Miz Cenuji. Miz Cenuji fires his smartbombs as soon as he is settled into the battleship. The result of this is that all small ships within the range of the smartbombs are hit and its pilots end up in a capsule. Often they do not last long in their capsule either. We can only hope they had updated clones. Miz Cenuji loses his battleship within second of entering it as well. No one is spared as often his slave ends up being killed by his masters smartbombs as well.

What purpose does this massacre serve? What are the reasons and logic behind this manner of protesting? Miz Cenuji as always hated Concord for limiting pirates to calm and less frequented regions of space, and because concord has killed to many of his dear friends.
Arielle deVoir : “You say you saw concord slaughter your friends for no good reason, I believe that concord only attacks those who attack first”
Miz Cenuij: “Concord keeps it own peace, it judges who is fit to fly through their space. It is the court, the jury and the executioner”.
Arielle deVoir: “Do you think this protest will have its desired effect? Are you not worried that Concord will point at you and say you embody the reason why they have strict rules about who can enter their space and under what conditions?”
Miz Cenuji: “In my heart I do not believe that Concord will submit, however it’s better to have fought and died for a cause u believe in, then to do nothing.

When asked how Miz Cenuji can afford these attacks and the losses he admits he is not alone responsible for the financial aspect of his protest. At first he is secretive of his anonymous benefactors but later on his says that many pilots from Imperium Alliance are donating him large sums of money to contribute to their mutual case, more freedom of movement for the pirate nation. Miz Cenuji believes that Xirtam will expand his region of influence to the old empires until Concord falls. Until that time Miz Cenuji asks of Concord to be allowed to fly though empire in unarmed ships, pirates needs to be able to trade and what harm can they do in unarmed ships? Or as Miz Cenuji put is, either he flies armed without consent or unarmed with consent through the empires.

Miz Cenuji believes that Concord isn’t out to seek justice but looks for an excuse to satisfy the murdering lust of their pilots. Yet when I talked to one if his victims they accused Miz Cenuji of the same and expressed the hope that concord would find a way to stop this pointless murdering by a criminal who can’t bear the consequence of his own actions. Other bystanders just look on amused and ponder why Miz Cenuji doesn’t find a way to voice his protest in a more effective and less lethal way to himself and his trusted associate.