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Bones of St. Aman transported to Dakba

2008-11-19 - By Svarthol

Dakba - The bones of St. Aman, a holy figure favored by the Ardishapur Family, were safely excavated from his resting place in Kourmonen and transported to Dakba yesterday. The recovery of the bones was a focal point of the fight for occupancy of the system that ended six days ago.

Yonis Ardishapur, who had expressed his wish to the 24th Imperial Crusade that the bones be recovered, was present in Dakba to accept the bones as they arrived alongside a heavy guard. The Heir spent a moment praying before the casket before personally escorting it to a local chapel, where the bones will be temporarily held. It is anticipated that the bones will eventually be interred inside a cathedral being built in Dakba as part of the Ardishapur Public Works project.

Ardishapur took a moment to praise the work of the militia forces that made the recovery possible. "The brave men and women of the 24th Imperial Crusade showed true devoutness with their actions. They have done a great service to the Empire and the Ardishapur Family. The 24th Crusade corporation itself contributed heavily to the recapture effort, and many pod pilot corporations enlisted in the Imperial 24th Crusade made great inroads as well. My military advisers specifically highlighted Amarrian Retribution, Gunship Diplomacy, Vigilia Valeria Expeditionary Forces, and the Pimebeka Mining Corp as four whose accomplishments stood out. They have my thanks."

"Above all, though, it was the service of PIE Inc that made this possible. They went above and beyond, and my staff could not fail to take notice. It was an effort that deserves special commendation."

He finished by hinting that more was to come. "The expression of my delight will not be limited to mere words. Those who deserve special recognition shall find it. Proper plans are still being made, so I shall speak no further of it now."