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Breaking News: Ishukone CEO Pleads for Calm, Denounces Tibus Heth

2008-05-12 - By Svarthol

Malkalen – Otro Gariushi, the hugely popular CEO of the Caldari mega-corporation Ishukone, secured nation-wide broadcast rights to make an emotional appeal for calm in the Caldari State, renouncing ethnic violence and calling Heth’s actions "unnecessary, selfish, and unspeakably dangerous". The announcement follows escalating racial tensions between the Caldari State and Gallente Federation, whose expatriates have both been targets of ethnic violence in recent days. Gariushi’s influence seems to have worked, at least on Caldari Prime, where hostilities have ceased.

A full transcript of his speech is below:

Caldarians, I have come before you to deliver this message: Those of you who are attacking Gallenteans right now, you are enemies of this State. I take no pride in having to ask you this, but please…stop what you’re doing… take a step back… and remember your humanity. You have anger—so do I. We’ve been reminded of our failure, as a nation, to live up to the expectation of the Caldari ideal. We’ve made mistakes—ones that we can correct—but this is not the way.

Our problems come from within. Not from outside of our borders, and not in the past that we’re ashamed of. Tibus Heth showed you the extent of executive greed in our system of governance. He demonstrated that the elites of this nation have failed to create wealth in a way that benefits those who have labored the most to produce it. In the Caldari State, opportunities are created through the work of good men and women. Good people. Not animals. Good human beings. Not savages. We are people who take responsibility for our actions, and we are people who believe that others should be held accountable for theirs.

But Tibus Heth is wrong. He wants a scapegoat. He wants change through hate. He revealed just how fragile this…this concept we call ‘civilization’ is when you test the limits of people’s patience. It’s true that some people did some horrible things…evil people who purposely sought to insult us right at our core, to strike directly into our hearts. But to you on Caldari Prime, or anywhere else in this State, don’t let yourself play into the hands of a tyrant. Don’t let him lead you down this path, because I promise you, it will lead to disaster.

You know my past. You know I’ve never backed down from a fight. But for the sake of this generation, don’t confuse rationality with cowardice. Heth’s appeal to hatred is unnecessary, selfish, and unspeakably dangerous. Now, I’m promising all of you that we will find those responsible for these malicious acts on Caldari Prime and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. And then we’ll find those who misled the finances of the mega-corporations for personal gain, and they will be held to account for their greed.

From the moment I took this post, I have governed Ishukone with the interests of its workers ahead of my own. I commend Tibus Heth for exposing the flaws of mega-corporate governance. But I condemn him for inciting us into anarchy. We are destined for greater things than this. Our path should have never led us here. There is a better way. But you must step back from what you’re doing now, or else we’ll lose everything that we have left of ourselves.

I’m asking each of you—in fact, I’m demanding it, in the name of this State—to be calm. Return to work, to school, to the tasks that we chose on our own accord. You looked to me for guidance once before; now I’m imploring you to trust me again. Follow me. Follow the example of Ishukone. We can make this State stronger…we can be united in purpose…but we will never, ever be united in hate.