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BREAKING NEWS - Titan Downed in 49-U6U

2009-04-18 - By Svarthol

49-U6U, Querious - An Avatar-class titan belonging to Gaia Jane of Pandemic Legion was downed last night at 21:53 in the hotly contested Querious system of 49-U6U by combined forces from the Greater KenZoku Community (also known as the GKC), KenZoku, Against ALL Authorities and the allied alliances known as Stainwagon.

Details are sparse at present but it appears the titan had been involved in a battle in the system some half hour earlier, in which Gaia Jane claimed some 42 kills. She attempted to leave the system through a cynosural field to G-TT5V in Delve. For reasons yet unknown, the jump failed, and the titan was probed down and engaged by in excess of 100 ships.

The final blow was laid by rudg3r of BeachBoys alliance, flying a sniper Zealot, while Krisz Anla'Shok of HUN Reloaded then executed Gaia Jane's pod in his Hurricane.

Further details will be provided as they come in.

GalNet References

Contemporary Accounts:

SHC - Delve, Querious and regions abound

Campaign Records:

Pandemic Legion: Gaia Jane's Record
GKC: Campaign Record

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