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Call for a vote of no-confidence over prime minister Midular

2003-11-27 - By Svarthol

Disbelief, sorrow, anger. These three words don't do justice to the feelings of Minmatar freedom fighters who have been fighting and dying for the cause for years now.

To them, the slave farms run by their own countrymen are even worse than Amarr slavery. A betrayal of this magnitude serves to eliminate all that they have worked for.

"Prime minister Karan Midular no longer represents our people." said Makkar, veteran warrior of the Oracle tribe, earlier today during a rare interview.

"We would have a stronger leader in the tribal halls. One who will stand up for what the vast majority of Minmatar strive for - The final emancipation of all Minmatar and indeed all slaves of any race. That she has apparently made no reported comment on the finding of these slave farms right on our doorstep, so to speak, is absolutely unforgivable."

When asked to what lengths they would to to unseat the PM, he responded simply: "Should the vote fail, or be ignored by the government, I would advocate a more direct approach to resolving the issue. However, I would fall well short of anything that might plunge the republic into civil war."

The PM has yet to respond to these news, but a spokesperson from the PM's office said that such a vote would be taken very seriously, no matter whether it actually went through or not.