Capsuleer Day Celebrations Begin | EVE Online

Capsuleer Day Celebrations Begin

2024-04-30 - By EVE Online Team

Adventurous capsuleers,

Welcome to Capsuleer Day XXI! New Eden is brimming with exciting adventures and lucrative rewards waiting to be claimed. Brave pilots of any experience level and playstyle can join the hunt for riches and take on perilous challenges across the vast Abyss!

Heed the call of The Society of Conscious Thought and venture into the Abyssal unknown to recover valuable data and technology. Pilots can gather points by completing combat, exploration, and manufacturing challenges to gain amazing rewards.

Exploration and combat sites have appeared all over New Eden. Take on Triglavian enemies as you navigate newly surfaced Collapsed Conduits, or even Drifters in the Abyssal Battlefields for the chance to recover priceless loot and filaments.

Engaging with abyssal pocket sites can earn you blueprints and rare materials for manufacturing filaments. Persistent pilots can then use these to access up to 4 higher-tier abyssal pocket sites and take on increasingly difficult challenges. Persevere to the final tier, and you will encounter a highly profitable and challenging combat site.

  • Profit from completing challenges as lucrative rewards await you at every step of your journey.

  • Log in daily to collect valuable rewards like Skill Points, EverMarks, new and exclusive SKINs, SoCT ship hulls, boosters, and fireworks.

  • Upgrade to Omega any time during the event. Claim all previous DLI rewards as well as Alpha rewards with your upgrade.


Make sure to keep your eye on CCPTV for mysterious Twitch drops, giving you the chance to snatch up some free goodies.


Two new value packs have been released in honor of Capsuleer Day celebrations! From 30 April to 30 May the EVE Store is offering these packs full of brand new Police SKINs, Omega, PLEX and skill training accelerators.

ABYSS EXPLORER PACK: 1 month Omega, Standard ‘Boost’ Cerebral Accelerator, 2x Expert Systems and 3 gorgeous Police SKINs

ABYSS PROTECTOR PACK: 1,350 PLEX, 2 x Genius ‘Boost’ Cerebral Accelerators, plus 5 exclusive Police SKINs

Get them now so you don’t miss out!