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Celebrate EVE Japan’s First Anniversary

2021-12-03 - By EVE Online Team

Intrepid Capsuleers!

It’s been one year since EVE Online successfully relaunched in Japan, opening up the gates of New Eden to a new community of bold pilots.

This relaunch was the result of close collaboration between CCP, our enthusiastic Japanese EVE-playing community, and our experienced partners overseas. It’s been fantastic to see the community grow throughout 2021.

On the official Japanese EVE Online Twitter we will be hosting a few activities for the community to participate in throughout December.

To celebrate this milestone you can now buy a new limited-time anniversary bundle, containing one month of Omega, 110 PLEX, 50,000 Skill Points, plus the Zakura Shumyu SKIN for the Caracal and Vexor! The Zakura Shumyu SKINS for marauders and select battleships are also returning to the New Eden Store! Both of these offers are available to purchase between 3-13 December.

Here’s to many more anniversary celebrations in the years to come!