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Celebrate The Lunar New Year In Style

2022-02-01 - By EVE Online Team

Festive Capsuleers!

A new Lunar Year brings a new collection of celebratory packs to EVE Online! These are available to buy for a limited period of time from 1-8 February in the EVE Store.

The Lunar Pack includes the exquisitely embroidered Empyrean Dragons jackets for male and female pilots, stunning Stargazer Lantern Fireworks, and the Vexor Navy Issue Empyrean Dragons SKIN.

For New Eden’s industrial pilots, the Lunar Mining Pack is packed with Omega, Plex, Skill Points, Rockbreaker Pioneers SKINs, and the Mining Barge Operation Expert System. Use this to gain an immediate injection of crucial mining skills, providing a temporary taste of a rock harvester’s life.

A number of popular SKINs will also return to the New Eden Store for a limited period of time!

Serene SKINs for the Magnate, Hyperion, Naga, Cynabal and Augoror Navy Issue will once again be available to buy separately, or as a bundle. Absent Heroes SKINs for the Rifter and Typhoon will also return!

These special SKINs will only be available in the New Eden Store between 1-8 February, so make sure you grab them while you can.