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Closing Trading and CCG Forums

2007-08-21 - By Svarthol

With the contract system and market in game we have decided to close down the trading forums. They were created as a solution to a problem which is now resolved with the contracts system and it is now time to take all trading back in game. These forums have been locked for new threads but you will be able to finish the current trades. The market forums (Sell Orders, Want Ads and Trades, trades and more trades) will be completely removed on Monday two weeks from now, 2007.09.03, giving everyone enough time to finish existing trades. We have also added the Character and Timecode Bazaar forum, which is for selling characters and timecodes only.

Since we now have the CCG website with forums we will be closing down the CCG forums, they will however remain in as read only forums as a form of archive. Instead you will be able to use the CCG website forums to discuss the CCG.

There may be some issues with replying to existing threads in the trade forums, this is caused by caching and should be cleared up in a while.

Please discuss these forum changes here.