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Coming to EVE Online in the Phoebe release on November 4th

2014-10-10 - By CCP Seagull

I’m very excited to present the features coming to EVE Online in the Phoebe release on November 4th. And this is not even everything, we have a few more things that are likely to make it in, and I’ll bring you an update when we get even closer to the release.

For even more details on these changes, and a look at what is ahead for December and beyond, tune in to the EVE Keynote at EVE Vegas where I will speak about where EVE is going.

But let’s get to it – here’s the first round of what’s coming in Phoebe on November 4th:

Long distance travel changes

Phoebe brings big changes to long distance travel in EVE Online, introducing jump fatigue for characters using jump drives, jump bridges and jump portals along with a number of related changes that affect the ecosystem of travel, warfare and logistics in EVE. Related changes include capital ships using gates, doomsday weapons working in low security space, sovereignty structure hit point adjustments, starbase weapon rebalance, Stealth Bombers and Heavy Interdictors rebalance, and station bubble modifications.

For a full list of the changes, see the dev blog and this forum update as well as upcoming blogs going into more detail on all of these changes.

Unlimited skill queue

To help people temporarily lacking access to an EVE client and generally remove annoyance, in Phoebe you will be able to construct and start training skill queues of unlimited time length. Trial accounts will still have a 24 hour queue limitation. This change will be live on Singularity along with a feedback thread next week.

Multiple Market Sell Order Creation

Phoebe brings the possibility to create multiple market sell orders at the same time, to for example quickly sell off a large amount of assorted items. The feature is live on Singularity in an early form already. Read more in this forum post, and stay tuned for a dev blog.

Bookmarks in space and more in the Sensor Overlay

Personal and Corporation Locations, Cosmic signatures and anomalies, Landmarks and Agent objectives will be visible in the Sensor Overlay with Phoebe. The overaly results will also be visible in a compass like ring on the ship HUD. Read more in this dev blog: SENSOR OVERLAY 2.0: BIGGER, BETTER, BOOKMARKS IN SPACIER!

New Invention

Invention and reverse engineering are merged in Phoebe along with a number of other changes to this area of industry, that you can read all about in this dev blog: Lighting the Invention bulb There will also be a number of requested changes to the Industry user interface, such as the ability to collapse the top view. More on the changes since the first blog in an upcoming dev blog.

New and rebalanced exploration rewards

Data sites get better reward balance and a variety of new items will be possible to find in these exploration sites. Data and Relic sites found in Null Security Space will also be present in wormhole Class 1-3 systems. An upcoming blog will describe the changes.

New Notifications

Phoebe brings a full roll-out of the new Notification feature that gathers notifications and gives you great configurability over what you want to get notified about. Read more about this feature in this dev blog.

Mission Objectives Guidance

New information in the Agent Mission info panel will direct you to what you need to do next in your mission to complete it. An upcoming dev blog will go into details on this new feature.

New cloaking effect versions for Covert and Prototype cloaks

Phoebe brings new variants of the new cloaking effect.

Different icons for armor and hull reps and cynos and covert cynos

The icon for different modules were the same, causing mistakes. In Phoebe, there will be separate icons for armor and hull repair modules, as well as covert and regular Cynosural Field Generators.

Scanner window separation

With Phoebe, there will be separate windows for Directional Scanner, Scan Probes and Moon scanning.

Better ways into Expeditions

More information and a number of solved issues will make Expeditions more viable to run for explorers. An upcoming dev blog will detail the changes.

EVE XML API updates

Medical clone transfer timer, jump fatigue, jump clone and multiple character training information will be added to the EVE XML API. Follow the dedicated blog for 3rd party developers for all the details.  

Brighter Nebulas

Nebulas become brighter to create a better light environment in the game.

New sounds for structures

The sound environment in missions and anomalies improve with new sound effects added to common structures.

Trial account upgrade improvements

Messaging around limitations on trial accounts and the path to subscription are being improved in Phoebe. A number of limitations for trial accounts are also being removed, such as the ability to fly battleships and participate in incursions and factional warfare. More information in an upcoming dev blog.

That’s it for now, hope to have you all join us on the stream from EVE Vegas, and please bring us your feedback on the forums.

/CCP Seagull
Executive Producer, EVE Online