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Concerning the Recent Tranquility Connectivity Issues

2007-06-12 - By CCP Sharkbait


We have been looking into the recent connectivity issues troubling Tranquility recently, in both the code and the network. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to find anything that would cause this. When players are disconnected from Tranquility, we see the same pattern repeated on Singularity. Due to this, we believe the cause is an ISP outside of the connection between the CCP office in Iceland and the server site in London.

We are gathering as much information as possible and would like to request the community's assistance in troubleshooting. If you are willing to assist us in tracking down the cause of the problem, we would like you to run a trace program (see below) the moment you lose connection and mail the results to

These traces will be extremely helpful in identifying if the problem lies outside CCP's assets.

Trace Programs

These programs are probably the easiest to use and what we prefer. They are simple to use, just enter the address and hit go/start. Start a trace on 1 of 2 addresses, (Tranquility) or (The EVE Online site), leave the trace running for a few minutes, then mail the results to the e-mail address above. Please note, it is very important that you run the trace immediately after a disconnection.

We will continue to post updates as information is available.

Eve Development Team