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Crashes, an update

2011-10-27 - By CCP Redundancy

It’s been a tough week in many ways, but I wanted to share some updates on the crash reporting that we put in, and what we’ve learned and done about it:

We’ve listened to the fact that some of you want to have the ability to turn crash reporting off – as such**, you should be able to run with /noBreakpadUpload as a startup argument for Eve starting from Tuesday’s patch to disable this.**
Rolled into that patch – fixes for 3 or 4 of the top reported crashes that were easy and safe to make.

**For the Winter expansion **we’ll have something more like this:

Some observations from the data:

  • We’re noticing a number of graphics driver crashes. As a general bit of advice, we’d suggest making sure that you are running on the most up to date stable driver releases from your GPU vendor.

  • We’re also seeing a few cases where Eve is crashing while loading data from disk. If you’re crashing, it wouldn’t hurt to run check-disk, and perhaps use the repair tool to verify that your files are ok.

  • Eve tends to crash horribly on shutdown. This is making the data noisy (lots of crashes that are caused by that, but aren’t really what are causing you pain, since you were shutting down anyway), and is going to be something we’re going to try and address.

These are based off the most recent version in development, so many of these fixes (and the improvements to the shutdown process) won’t be out until the Winter Expansion. The start that we’ve made isn’t hugely impressive - we have a lot of catching up to do, but we’re actually able to start that and judge both our progress and the results as we patch Eve over time.


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