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Crimson Harvest is Coming

2023-09-29 - By EVE Online Team

Macabre capsuleers,

New Eden is about to be overrun by terrifying events in honor of the scariest time of year. This year’s Crimson Harvest event is just around the corner, and you better get ready because it is longer and more gruesome than ever before and brings spine-chilling rewards.

Expect monstrous loot drops, horrific in-game events, and blood-curdling rewards across the period, from 5 October to 6 November. There’s certainly plenty of gore and glory to sink your teeth into, and you should not miss out on the spooktacular attractions of Crimson Harvest.


The Crimson Harvest puts capsuleers in the middle of the bloody conflict between the Blood Raider Covenant and the Order of Tetrimon. From 5 Oct to 6 Nov, you will find bone-chilling combat and hacking sites scattered throughout Highsec, Lowsec, Nullsec, and wormhole systems. More challenging sites, promising even greater rewards, can be found by those who dare to dig deeper into the mysteries of the void.

Getting involved in the horrific clash is as simple as picking a side through the Agency section for the event, before taking on unique sets of challenges, and rewards specific to your selected loyalty.

Community Fittings, supplied by EVE Partners and players, will be available to view during the event so you can put your best fit on. Combat sites will appear all over as anomalies in the Probe Scanner. Head into your preferred area of space, use the Agency Anomaly Scanner to scan down sites, then warp in to take on a series of frightening challenges in the dungeons that await.


It is the bloodiest time of year, and killing is a means of communication. During the Crimson Harvest event, PvP kills will drop loot at a higher rate, around 90% instead of the regular 50%. Find the pumpkin icon tagging the wrecks of your helpless victims and claim your bounties. Take care, though, as you might yourself fall victim to devious fiends who might be lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce on you when you least expect it.


Every day of the Crimson Harvest will bring devilish login rewards. Alpha and Omega players get separate rewards, with Omegas enjoying both sets every day, and upgrading at any time during the event unlocks all previous Omega rewards. The tasty treats on offer include boosters, SKINs, EverMarks, a generous amount of Skill Points and more. Get prepared and plan ahead, as not only will there be rewards given every day to those logging in, the 25th login during Crimson Harvest will be rewarded with 250.000 skill points for Omega and 75.000 for Alpha capsuleers.