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CSM 16 - Last Call for Applications!

2021-05-10 - By CCP Dopamine

Campaigning Capsuleers,

Only a few days remain to submit your application for the CSM 16 term!

Since the submission period opened on 26 April, nearly 50 prospective candidates have begun their campaign for CSM 16. If you haven’t found a candidate that you support, there’s still time to throw your name in the hat and begin your CSM story! Whether you are starting your campaign today or you were ready since last year, take this time to peruse the CSM 16 Election blog post, paying close attention to the application requirements, format, and expectations that applicants are expected to adhere to.

In summary:

  • Verify that you meet the application guidelines.
  • Fill in the application form between now and 12 May.
  • Submit your documents to CSM-contact@ccpgames.com with the subject “CSM 16 Application”
  • Create a campaign thread in the CSM section of the EVE Online Forums
  • Celebrate a job well done! (This step is optional, but highly suggested)

The Community Team is actively reviewing submitted Applications as they are received. We have been and will continue to respond every few days during the submission period to verify that applications were submitted correctly. If several days have passed and you have not received this verification, please ensure that you have completed the above steps.

We look forward to meeting the newest set of applicants!