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CSM 7 Elections - Final candidate list

2012-03-01 - By CCP Diagoras

The application and nomination stages of this election period have now closed, and as such the listing of the candidates who will appear on the final ballot is now available.

We received 57 candidacy applications, of which we accepted 49. Four later decided to withdraw their applications and five did not pass the nomination stage. This leaves us with the 40 candidates listed later in the blog.

Of the eight we rejected, one was a test application, three were rejected due to recent violations of the EVE Online EULA, one was too young and the remaining three either did not provide passport identification or did not respond to e-mails from CCP requesting information.

Of the accepted candidates:
- 39 are male, one is female.
- The average age of candidates is 34 years and six months. The oldest candidate is 56 years and four months old, the youngest 21 years and two months.
- 14 are former CSM members, 10 of those were members of the sixth council.
- Candidates from 9 different counties are running.

The final candidate list is as follows, you can click the character name links to go to that candidate’s campaign thread. The list, along with the official campaign messages and web links for each candidate is also available on the EVE Online community website here.

Akirei Scytale - Test Alliance Please Ignore - Ian Sullivan - United States
Alekseyev Karrde - Noir. Mercenary Group - Gregory Russo - United States
Blackberry Bold – No alliance - Michael A Thompson - United States
Blake Armitage - No alliance - Brent Nowak - United States
corebloodbrothers - The Volition Cult - Frans Bovens - Netherlands
Darius III - BricK sQuAD. - Joseph W Morris - United States
Dovinian - Test Alliance Please Ignore - Tyler Lehfeldt - United States
Draco Llasa - Initiative Mercenaries - Rob Weatherly - United States
Elise Randolph - Pandemic Legion - Peter Farrell - United States
Fon Revedhort - DarkSide. - Dmitry Pavlikhin - Russia
Greene Lee - Against ALL Authorities - Dmitriy Vasiliev - Russia
Hans Jagerblitzen - Late Night Alliance - Noah Garaas - United States
Issler Dainze - The Honda Accord - Michele Boland - United States
Kelduum Revaan – Ivy League - Paul Cammish - United Kingdom
Korvin - Best Alliance - Andrey Antonov - Russia
leboe - Rote Kapelle - Samuel Leboe - Canada
Lyris Nairn - Goonswarm Federation - James Conley - United States
Meissa Anunthiel - Rooks and Kings - Stephan Pirson - Belgium
michael boltonIII - Test Alliance Please Ignore - John King - United States
Mike Azariah - Greater Realms - Mike Dawe - Canada
Mintrolio - No alliance - Lee Alexander - Australia
Mu'ad Diib - No alliance - Michael Preston - United Kingdom
Prometheus Exenthal – No alliance - Adrian Mugnieco - Canada
PsychoBitch - Dark Taboo - Timothy Graf - United States
riverini - Initiative Mercenaries - Enrique Jose Rivera Azofeifa - Panama
Roc Wieler - Ushra'Khan - Marcus Dickinson - Canada
Seleene - Pandemic Legion - Mark Heard - United States
Skippermonkey - No alliance - James Tanner - United Kingdom
Skye Aurorae - No alliance - Scott Manley - United States
Sollana - Curatores Veritatis Alliance - Peter Harridence - United Kingdom
StarConquer212 - Psychotic Tendencies. - Douglas James Johnson - United States
T'amber Anomandari Demaleon - No alliance - Paul Alexander Oosterman - New Zealand
The Mittani - Goonswarm Federation - Alexander Gianturco - United States
Tiger Would - No alliance - Jeroen Westerman - Netherlands
Trebor Daehdoow - Dirt Nap Squad. - Robert Woodhead - United States
Two step - K162 - Joshua Goldshlag - United States
UAxDEATH - Legion of xXDEATHXx - Mikhail Romanchenko - United States
Vincent Athena - Comic Mischief - Bart D Hibbs - United States
Voloses - RAZOR Alliance - Jacob Warden - United States
Xenuria - Shadow of xXDEATHXx - Aaron Bongart - United States We wish the best of luck to the candidates and encourage you all to read and take part in the election discussions taking part in the Jita Park Speakers Corner forum. Voting will open at 00:00 on Wednesday, March 7th.

 - CCP Diagoras

Come meet the CSM 6 af Fanfest 2012 for roundtables and other serious spaceship business! Results for the CSM 7 elections will be announced at Fanfest. More information on Fanfest topics, tickets and travel can be found here.

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