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Delve War II Begins

2009-02-06 - By Svarthol

J-LPX7 - At approximately 01:30 on 05.02.111, Band of Brothers alliance, also known as BoB, ceased to exist as a CONCORD-recognised entity. Early reports claimed that Arkannen, a director of Band of Brothers' executor corporation Tin Foil, had defected to enemy alliance Goonswarm along with Black Nova Corp director, Haargoth Agamar.

Goonswarm Intelligence Agency Chief, The Mittani, released an audio recording yesterday which gave details of the scheme. Defector Haargoth Agamar, however, does not speak on the recording. The Mittani claims that rather than simply leave the alliance, Haargoth Agamar stole over a dozen dreadnaughts, took all the ships in Black Nova Corp's store and cleaned out their wallet and fuel stocks. Following the previous war in Delve, The Mittani claims that all the BNC corp stocks had been moved to two stations in H-ADOC and PR-8CA. Because these stations are not owned by Band of Brothers, they would be unable to prevent Haargoth Agamar accessing the stolen goods in his hangars after the heist.

Agamar then is alleged to have sacked all members of the corporation not holding roles at the time and removed the roles from those who had them. They could not all be simultaneously ejected from the corporation as a 24-hour cooldown period is required between removing roles and being sacked from or resigning from a corporation.

Arkannen then allegedly removed 500 million isk from the Tin Foil wallet, appending the comment "The Mittani says hi" as a signature, and went on to kick all the corporations out of Band of Brothers, closing the alliance. Once the alliance was closed, Internet Girlfriedn founded a new corporation and named it Band of Brothers (with the ticker "BoB"). That corporation is now registered with the Goonswarm alliance. This effectively prevents the Band of Brothers from reforming their alliance with the same name.

With the Band of Brothers' official alliance umbrella no longer in existence, their sovereignty was lost and their territory became far more vulnerable to attack.

Goonswarm Speaks

Iraf Thaiberd, a Goonswarm Director, gave the following explanation of how such an infiltration could take place:

"We had reason to believe that [Haargoth] might soon be detected, so rather than try to gain long-term advantage (like we usually do) it was instead decided to inflict maximum damage as soon as possible. A few days passed while various things were looked at."

According to The Mittani's audio recording, it was only a day ago that they finally decided to decommission the CONCORD-registered Band of Brothers entity.

Director Thaiberd could not reveal details of their military operations in Delve while they remain in progress, but gave his impressions of the reaction from the corporations that comprised the BoB alliance and their allies in the area:

"[There's] panic. We've had lots of chatter about people [evacuating] assets, multiple jump freighters, people packing blocade[sic] runners full of valuables, etc. Obviously there's been no organized [evacuation]. BoB leadership (such as it is) is still telling [their] members that this is going to be reversed, hoping that they can prevent a mass evacuation."

Lucaswv, CEO and founder of Darkstar 1, a Goonswarm corporation, described their attack yesterday on a tower sheltering a Capital Ship Assembly Array named "Avatar":

"While we don't know if it was building a titan fully, our spies inform us there is a chance it was.

"There wasn't [a battle]. BoB are evacuating assets from the station and we are chasing them around system. There is no BoB anymore. It's turned into a feeding frenzy from all accounts. We have been chasing haulers around; we saw EXE gangs excorting frighters out of Delve already; we even had offers to buy assets in the eventual firesales. I am aware some [of BoB's former tenants] are talking to Goonswarm already to take stations they now amazingly have sovereignty over."

Iraf Thaiberd had one last thing to say to those hailing this as the beginnings of a Goonswarm victory over their long-time enemies:

"Victory is best counted after it's secured. This is a serious blow to the absurd Sovereignty-4 based defenses that had been purchased in Delve. Only time will tell if this is just happenstance or the beginning of the end of TAFKABOB [(The Alliance Formerly Known As Band of Brothers)]."

Band of Brothers Speaks

Dianabolic, CEO of Reikoku, formerly a prominent part of Band of Brothers and still a part of the coalition of corporations that used to comprise it, gave his perception of the situation for his alliance:

"For now we're still trying to work out to our own satisfaction what is occurring. I can tell you what we think has happened "so far" but that is subject to change."

Band of Brothers members are still unsure whether they have been victims of a well-coordinated identity theft (something Goonswarm adamantly deny) or whether Arkannen and Haargoth Agamar were indeed turned to the Goonswarm cause.

"We await the results of the... investigation. Should that result in this all being above board and kosher we have nothing to say other than "good game" to our enemy, they've played it very smart and kudos to them for that."

"As an aside, regards the alliance name, BoB was never the original name for our group of corporations... so losing this name isn't the first time we've had to call ourselves something different. Our idenity is formed by the people, not by the name."

When asked whether the theft from Black Nova Corp was likely to affect their ability to fight back against invasion, Dianabolic replied:

"The most important commodity within any military corporation is its pilots so, no, this is a minor setback. Ships can be replaced quite easily and we will back them 110% until those are replaced.

"Suffice to say, following Delve War I, we planned for this to happen so our infrastructure and war stocks are considerable. Hopefully the enemy has a bit more staying power this time."

At 14:37 yesterday, he described the current situation in Delve:

"We are currently under fire in J-LPX7 only, one tower has been lost due to lack of stront. The station is still in our hands."

"Our plan is, as always, to fight. We defended Delve successfully last year and it was the most fun I personally had had in five years of [piloting]. If we can repeat that then I shall not just say 'good game', I shall say 'thank you.'"

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