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E-ON Awards, winners announced!

2007-07-13 - By Zapatero

Since the beginning of the year, you have twice voted for who you think should receive an E-ON Player Award. In January the first round of ballot-rigging started, where you nominated six finalists in fourteen categories - all of those went through to the second stage a couple of months back. The whole idea was for you as a community to come together to celebrate what makes the EVE collective such a potent force in the MMO metaverse. In short, you all rock, some more than others.... [drumroll]

  • Fiction Writer of the Year - INNOMINATE NIGHTMARE
  • Filmmaker of the Year - STAHLREGEN
  • Best Corp or Alliance Website - WWW.GOONFLEET.COM
  • Guide Writer of the Year - CSFFLAME
  • Fan Website of the Year - WWW.EVE-FILES.COM
  • Forum Warrior - HIPPOKING
  • Community Service Award - EVEMON
  • Most Promising Newcomer - GOONSWARM
  • Alliance of the Year - RED ALLIANCE
  • Corporation of the Year - 0UTBREAK
  • CEO of the Year - REMEDIAL
  • Volunteer of the Year - ERIS DISCORDIA
  • EVE Player of the Year - CYVOK
  • EVE Idol of the Year - CHRIBBA

Congratulations of course to all the winners, who will receive exclusively-designed laser-etched trophies (as seen on EVE TV), all the runners-up (who just get a sickening feeling that they've been overlooked) and thanks to everyone, man and bee, who voted. Awards glossiness, and other pages of interest, is provided in the latest edition of E-ON, of course.

Next time we shall get things started a little earlier, so that it should be a little more obvious that you're voting for the best of 2006. Expect the first round of voting for the 2007 Awards to get started around Fanfest time.... more of that in another blog.

For the moment though let's allow the winners to bask in their well-deserved glory, all of whom can look forward to receiving their awards through the post. Winners, if I haven't contacted you already, please feel free to EVEmail me ('Zapatero') your addresses so we can get the awards sent out. It'll be interesting to see how many turn up on ebay ;)

Thanks, and goodnight

  • Z