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Email Verification Coming With EVE Online: Ascension

2016-11-10 - By CCP Falcon

As part of our ongoing efforts to maximize account security for our pilots and ensure that the incredible amount of time investment you all put into character development is afforded the best protection possible, we will be making some changes to account security with the deployment of EVE Online: Ascension.

The main change noticeable to our pilots will be the requirement for all EVE Online accounts to be attached to a validated email address. This will be a requirement for all accounts moving forward after the launch of EVE Online: Ascension as we introduce a new mandatory email verification system.

Email verification will work much the same as many other authentication services that are already in use by our pilots on other platforms, producing a login challenge when an attempt to access an account is made from a new geographic location, computer, or IP address.

This type of login challenge will require an email verification access code, which will be provided via email to the validated email address associated with the account.

One of the primary causes of delays in recovering EVE Online accounts is that returning pilots already know their account name and password, but cannot recall the names of characters that are on the accounts they are trying to recover.

As such, with the introduction of email verification, we will be removing character name challenges from the SSO both on our website and in the launcher in order to improve security, expedite the account reactivation process, and reduce the amount of waiting time on account recovery.

With the introduction of this change, we would also like to remind pilots that multiple accounts can of course be verified against the same email address, in order to simplify the process a little, and make management of multiple accounts a little easier.

This does of course mean that all pilots will need to verify their email addresses, preferably before November 15th, when EVE Online: Ascension is released.

Those pilots who do not verify their email addresses before this date will be prompted to do so before being able to log in to EVE Online after the deployment.

For more information in how to verify your email address, you can take a look at this Help Center article that has been prepared by our Customer Support team.