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EVE Fanfest 2007 - Bigger! Better! Updated!

2007-08-28 - By Svarthol

We have updated the EVE Fanfest 2007 pages and it is required reading for everyone! Something new for this year is The Sisters of EVE Program, you can now bring your significant other, or as we call her, your better half to Iceland without her getting bored. The Sisters of EVE Program lets her take a monster jeep tour of Iceland, taste some rotten shark and brennivín and visit Laugardalslaug, the largest swimming facility in Reykjavik. And she will do all of this while you're busy checking out the latest stuff in EVE. A few of us at CCP thinks that package is so cool we'd like to go on it as well. Please note that you can only purchase the Sisters of EVE Fanfest 2007 Access Pass together with the EVE FanFest 2007 Access Pass and it's only one Sisters pass per Fanfest pass. There are only a limited amount of Sisters of EVE Fanfest 2007 Access Passes, so order as soon as you can to make sure you get one. This is a special introduction price since this is the first year with the Sisters program, the price next year will reflect the actual cost of the package.

We can safely say that this years Fanfest will be the biggest ever, we know this because we have already sold more EVE FanFest 2007 Access Passes than ever before. The vacation to take this year is to Reykjavik and the place to be is the EVE 2007 Fanfest in November!

Some other useful links are the the preliminary schedule and the Capsuleer's Guide. If you're not planning on ordering your flight and hotel on your own, you can use one of the Icelandair Fanfest packages and of course you should check out the EVE Fanfest 2007 FAQ. If you have any questions or just wish to discuss the Fanfest, please head over to this forum thread.

To summarize, this will be the biggest and best Fanfest so far, we will of course beat it next year though, and the party on the top of the world is something you can't afford to miss. And now you can also bring your better half with you.