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EVE Vanguard First Strike event is here

2023-12-07 - By EVE Online Team

Embattled capsuleers,

You have successfully thrown New Eden into chaos, using all the means Havoc has put at your disposal to promote or suppress corruption. Today, the First Strike event kicks off, opening the doors to EVE Vanguard, as a part of a new update to the Havoc expansion.


Today marks the beginning of the First Strike event, the opportunity to be among the first to jump into EVE Vanguard, the new multiplayer sandbox FPS module for EVE Online. The event runs until 11 December, and is open to Omegas only, as part of our Founders’ Access program. Frenetic, dynamic, and socially driven, EVE Vanguard will put you boots-on-the-ground across the hazardous environments of New Eden. As Vanguard, players will fuel the war machine, adding corruption to the frontlines, delivering vital resources to the EVE economy, and completing contracts that turn the tide of battle. Connected to EVE Online from day one, Vanguard is being evolved in conjunction with EVE players so be sure to jump into the four-day event, add to the chaos, and give us your feedback to aid in creating an authentic FPS set in the EVE Universe.  

All players who join the First Strike event will receive a special reward: an exclusive and non-tradeable Arkombine Arisen capsule, claimable in EVE Online after the event concludes. Rewards will also be available within Vanguard in the future, including a reward for First Strike participants later down the line, so keep your eyes peeled for that, and the other exciting things coming. 

Make sure you join the EVE Discord to follow the discussions around the event, get support, and gameplay tips. You can also join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #EVEVanguard.

To learn more about EVE Vanguard and the First Strike event from members of the team behind the module’s development, check out the EVE Vanguard In Focus video here: 


Pirate insurgencies in EVE Online have seen several changes as a part of the recent Havoc expansion, and the latest updates have brought changes in security status, quality of life updates, and even faster paced action than before. The staging time for pirate FOBs, and forecasting time for Insurgencies, has been decreased from 48 to 24 hours, leading to a more frantic race against time to get prepared. The amount of suppression gained when empire militias complete Insurgency sites has been increased by 33%, and the Factional Warfare HQ systems for each empire have a base suppression level of 2, and can never drop below that level. Additionally, several systems have now had their security status increased so that Insurgencies cannot spread there, the most significant of which are Hek and Villore. Also, the navigation UI has seen an upgrade that warns pilots when entering corrupted space.


Watch as Alton Haveri reports for the Scope on the latest developments from Pirate Insurgency zones, where the Guristas Pirates ambushed a task force including heavily modified Mordu’s Legion Bowhead freighters. With one of the freighters crash-landing on the planet of Hevrice III, it is rumored that the Deathless Circle have deployed experimental “Vanguard” clone troops to the planet to retrieve equipment valuable to their interests. 

The Scope is the leading news agency in the world of EVE. Though based in the Gallente Federation, the company takes pride in its total independence and operates separate agencies throughout New Eden. The Scope swings slightly to the left, but it is conservative enough to be considered a reliable news agency even to the toughest businessmen and politicians. 


If you want even more information on what today’s update brings to the table, you can read all about it in the Patch Notes. Also, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for next week’s update, which will bring AIR Daily Goals and a new site for pirate activities.

Further adding to the mayhem, Winter Nexus has arrived, with stunning snowstorms and wintry action potentially impacting Insurgency systems and bringing extra chaos. With festive winter activities, daily rewards, and seasonal challenges, now is the best time to jump into Havoc.

The Havoc expansion introduced several new ships to New Eden, and for a limited time, you can get a great deal on stunning Luminae Polaris SKINs for some of these new vessels with the Winter Festival Pack in the EVE Store to celebrate Winter Nexus. Warp to the store today and get your new Havoc ships looking their absolute best. The Winter Festival Pack also contains 23 days Omega time, 400 PLEX, festival launcher, Rimefrost Starburst firework, and one MCT, at a great price.

New Eden lies at your feet, capsuleer, and you now have more options than ever to make your mark. Reach your goals, sow your chaos, fight for corruption or suppression, whether in space or on the ground, and emerge victorious.

See you in New Eden.