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Fly Quafe – Fanfest Ship Skins with Game Time Bundles

2015-03-17 - By CCP Guard

Greetings, stylish stream-watching capsuleers.

The Fanfest 2015 HD Stream is FREE this year! Three packed days of presentations, unveiled mysteries, interviews and nail-biting PVP action.

But that probably raises the question; what about the Fanfest goodies? For the last few years we’ve sold the HD stream separately and bundled it with the Fanfest digital items. This has been a popular tradition for many who can’t attend in person, who like to collect nice things or perhaps want to show their support for Fanfest. This year the Fanfest digital items include not one but THREE ship skins and we want to make all three of them available in alternative ways for those unable to cross the Atlantic Ocean to attend the greatest party ever held on a glacial rock.

To get your hands on these beautiful commemorative ship skins you can head on over to Account Management at right now, and choose from one of the game time bundles at the standard multi-month discounts.

Some practical information:

  • This time limited offer will add the amount of game time you choose to your account
  • For active accounts on a subscription plan: The purchased time will pause your billing until it is depleted, but will not alter the subscription plan you are on. It will resume unchanged.
  • For inactive accounts: Purchasing the time will put you on a corresponding recurring subscription cycle that you can cancel at any time
  • The ship skin/s will be available in the redeeming system upon next login
  • The ship skin/s will be delivered in the form of single run blueprint copies which can be used to build the skinned version of the ship
  • Those using in-game funds exclusively to pay for accounts should be able to pick up the ship skins on the in-game market from other players

See you at Fanfest or on the stream!