Federation Day Propaganda Contest | EVE Online

Federation Day Propaganda Contest

2021-06-16 - By EVE Online Team

Federation-feting capsuleers,

As we celebrate Federation Day, the Gallente invite all freedom-loving citizens of New Eden to show their support for the only true democracy in the cluster! (And maybe win some cool prizes!)


To be in the running to win a prize, you must create a piece of propaganda designed to either:

  • celebrate the ideals of the Gallente Federation
  • denigrate the the enemies of the Federation - i.e. the Caldari, Amarr, Serpentis or Triglavians
  • commemorate a significant event in Gallente history
  • highlight a famous location in Gallente space or related to them
  • recognize a notable Gallente citizen

Or something else not listed here - as long as it's bigging up the Gallente we want to see it!

Valid propaganda could take many different forms: memes, vintage propaganda posters, screenshots, GIFs, videos, songs - whatever you can imagine.


Submissions will be pored over by a crack team of CCP developers with impeccable taste and the chosen winners will receive the following:

  • 1st place - Your choice of any Gallente ship model (Tristan, Talos or Hyperion) offered by our friends at Mixed Dimensions + a brand new set of apparel: the Federation Commander's Dress Jacket and Pants (men's and women's) + Kronos Caille Neon SKIN
  • 2nd place - 1100 PLEX + the Federation Commander's Dress Jacket and Pants (men's and women's) + Ishtar Caille Neon SKIN
  • 3rd place - 500 PLEX + the Federation Commander's Dress Jacket and Pants (men's and women's) + Hecate Caille Neon SKIN

All winners along with several honorable mentions will also receive a limited edition medal awarded by the Federal Government for their demonstration of respect to the Federation!


You enter simply by sharing you content with the community!

  • Share it on Twitter with the #tweetfleet and #federationday hashtags, and/or...
  • Share it as a comment on this post on the official EVE Online Facebook page
  • Submissions on more than one platform will still only be counted as a single entry
  • Multiple entries are permitted but each piece of propaganda should be submitted as a separate post
  • If you entry is too big or an unsuitable format for sharing on Twitter or FB you can enter by including a publicly accessible Dropbox/Google Drive etc. link to your file in your tweet for FB comment instead
  • The contest starts now and the cutoff for submissions is Sunday, 27 June at 11:00 UTC. Winners will be notified soon after!

All entries must abide by the EVE Online Terms of Service.


Join us this Sunday, 20 June at 16:00 UTC on CCP TV for a Federation Day livestream with Gallente-flavoured discussion and quizzes (including more chances at cool prizes!) before we head over to join the in-game celebrations in Luminaire at 18:00 UTC!

Best of luck, Capsuleers!