Federation Day Proving Grounds | EVE Online

Federation Day Proving Grounds

2022-06-22 - By EVE Online Team

Tachyonic Capsuleers,

Do you like your combat close-up, chaotic, and on the edge of control? Then head over to the Abyssal Proving Grounds for a four-player Thorax free-for-all from 24 June-to-26 June.

Hosted as part of the Federation Day celebration, this Proving Grounds round has been structured to emphasize the close combat that Thoraxes excel at. To really focus the action on getting up-close-and-personal, all ships that enter this Proving Grounds round will receive a bonus that decreases turret optimal range by 50%, and increases turret falloff by 50%, meaning you’ll need to focus on close-quarters attacks.

And there also happens to be a 40km wide tachyon cloud lurking in the centre of the arena, which dramatically increases your speed. Ships in the cloud will see velocity lift 300%, while inertia will drop by 50%.

Close range combat and wild fluctuations in speed? This round will bring chaos and fun to all who join in!

While in the arena they will also enjoy double the benefits gained from overheating the following module groups:

  • Tackle Modules
  • Propulsion Modules
  • Repair Modules
  • Resistance Modules
  • Energy Warfare Modules
  • Turrets
  • Launchers

Thorax’s that step into the Proving Grounds for this event will be limited a maximum of one fitted local repair module (shield or armor). Capsuleers, meanwhile, will be restricted to using Meta 4 modules and implants. Additionally, sensor dampeners, weapon disruptors, shield boost amplifiers, shield rechargers, shield power relays, shield flux coils, and core defence field purgers are all banned in this event.

Ready to take the battle as close to your rivals as possible? Then grab those Proving Filaments and head to the Proving Grounds between 24 and 26 June. And as is always the case, the Proving Grounds leaderboards will allow you to track Capsuleer performance and rewards through the event.