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Federation Mothership Stolen, CONCORD Ships Destroyed

2006-09-05 - By Svarthol

LUMINAIRE – Last weeks daring theft of a Federation Navy mothership by Admiral Siral of the Serpentis Corporation resulted in not only the loss of the stolen ship, but the destruction of four CONCORD Special Operations vessels. The stolen Federation Nyx was destroyed in the PFP-GU system of the Syndicate by a combined fleet of Goonswarm and 3rd Front Alliance vessels. However the CONCORD losses occurred in Stacmon where they were the victims of an unruly gang of capsule pilots that had been originally formed to help eradicate the Serpentis Admiral.

CONCORD Inspector Ronier was one of the first to respond to the report of the stolen Federation Nyx in the Luminaire system. After he had confirmed the reported crime he quickly called on the local capsule pilot community for assistance. Although he assured all pilots in the system that CONCORD would not engage them if they attacked the Nyx, many were hesitant to open fire on the mothership. This hesitation provided the Serpentis Admiral with the opportunity to jump the capital ship to the PFP-GU system and escape.

CONCORD ships then moved to the Stacmon system and used it as a rallying point for pilots who wished to help in the attack against Siral in PFP-GU. While pilots where assembling in Stacmon in answer to CONCORD’s call to arms, an unknown pilot was attacked by the stolen mothership in PFP-GU and sent a message via an alliance FTL channel informing 3rd Front Alliance and Goonswarm of the threat.

3rd Front was the first to engage Admiral Siral in PFP-GU and were quickly joined by Goonswarm. 3FA pilot Shade Gallowglass recalled “Her shields and armor were taking a beating and still [the mothership] fired on and on. The fighters seemed endless.” The combined fleet of 3rd Front and Goonswarm was enough to destroy the stolen mothership.

Those pilots in Stacmon that were hastily recruited to help CONCORD pursue the renegade Admiral did not take kindly to the news that the vessel had been destroyed. Although all pilots that joined the FTL channel created by CONCORD for the operation were informed that ‘A combined bounty of 750million ISK has been queued for those involved in the destruction of the stolen mothership piloted by Admiral Siral.’ Many of those assembled in Stacmon had only seen Inspector Ronier’s statement that, “Our rally point is Stacmon, Come quickly and you will be rewarded.”

With the stolen ship destroyed and no reward forthcoming for the pilots that had gathered in the Stacmon system the situation became intense. Capsuleer Syris Anu provoked hostilities in the CONCORD channel shouting “Get him! He led us astray!” which prompted the assembled fleet to attack the Concord pilots. Inspector Ronier and Sergeants Judra, Alfotada, and Tomon lost their vessels during the retaliation. Sergeant Judra’s capsule was also confirmed destroyed though the sergeant is believed to be recovering at a Concord cloning facility after a successful clone activation.

Inspector Navikila did issue this after action statement “We find the actions of the pilots in question to be on par with general pod pilot activity. On a daily basis we see the best and worst of human nature, so while this incident saddens us, it does not surprise us.” When asked if the Pod Pilots involved in the attack on CONCORD would be punished, Navikila declined to comment.

All subsequent inquiries into the incident and possible penalties for pilots involved have been referred to Assistant Commissioner Aldun. Who stated "CONCORD has no public statement at this time."