First Strike February Playtest Is Live | EVE Online

First Strike February Playtest Is Live

2024-02-22 - By EVE Vanguard Team

Attention Vanguard, 

The call has arrived, and it is once again time for you to report to the frontlines to do the Deathless’ bidding. The new First Strike playtest has opened its doors and is live until 12:00 UTC on 26 February. The playtest is open to all Omega players as a part of Founders’ Access, and just like in previous playtests, there are serious rewards on the line for industrious warclones. Depending on your activities on the ground, you may walk away with impressive spoils.

Detailed information about the playtest, rewards, and alterations that have been made to the current build of the game, can be found here


Make sure you tune in to CCP TV at 16:00 UTC today (22 February) as EVE devs will be going live to talk about all things Vanguard, and join the Q&A on the Discord server at 16:00 UTC tomorrow (23 February). In addition, the Live2Feed stream from 14:00-16:00 UTC tomorrow will feature EVE Vanguard, so stay tuned for that.