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Fix for Mac Users With Frame Rate Issues

2008-10-08 - By Svarthol

Following the deployment of the Empyrean Age 1.1.2 Mac/Linux additions patch on Wednesday, October 08, 2008 it has come to our attention that some players are experiencing problems with slow frame rates on Tranquility.

The problem seems to be mainly affecting players using the Mac operating system with ATI 1600/1900 cards on OS X 10.4. Players who are currently experiencing problems can revert to an earlier version of the EVE Client by clicking on this link.

Work is already under way to resolve this issue and we promise to give updates during tomorrow as to the progress of a fix. We would also ask that if you are experiencing poor frame rates or are unable to play on the Mac version, but do not have the combination of an ATI 1600/1900 Card and OS X 10.4, to please let us know by filing out a Bug Report.

Update 10 Oct 2008: We have identified the cause of the issue and are working with Transgaming on a fix that will be deployed as soon as possible. Many thanks to those of you who submitted petitions regarding this matter. Your invaluable information allowed us to trace the cause of the issue.